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    I've been pescetarian for years, and am about to take the plunge into eating chicken. The catch? For family/cultural reasons, it needs to be kosher (please, no debating that here!). I've seen kosher organic chicken produced by huge operations (Empire), but I'm not impressed with it. I've found a couple of smaller companies that look promising from which I could order online. The first (Grow & Behold) is kosher and pasture-raised. They use movable bottomless pens, so the chickens graze on fresh pasture, though are also given mixed feed that is not organic, but is non-GMO. The second (Wise Organic) is kosher and organic, but it only says chickens have "access" to pasture. It's hard to know what that means, and it seems the chickens could end up staying inside?

    Which would you choose, given the kosher requirement? A third company I found (Kol) is kosher, organic, and pastured, which would be ideal, but it's way too expensive for me...the first two are already costly enough...

    Grow and Behold - Kosher Pastured Meats
    The Double Certified, Kosher & Organic Poultry & Beef Company : Wise Organic Pastures
    KOL Foods - Glatt kosher | Organic 100% Grass-Fed Beef & Lamb | Organic Pastured Chicken Turkey Duck

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'd choose the first one.

    Also I'd look around for a local family farm that raises pastured chickens. If they have a large enough flock you could buy a good number at one time to freeze and simultaneously look for a kosher butcher that would go to their farm. There are regular mobile butchers and mobile Halal butchers, there're probably mobile kosher butchers.
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      So, the guarantee of pastured is more important than organic and maybe (or maybe not) pastured, you think?

      As to the latter suggestion, alas, I live in a small apartment with little freezer space, so it's got to be something I can buy and keep in limited quantities. :-)


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        Chicken Has a really high omega-6 to omega-3 ratio. So just make sure you're still getting plenty of fish if you decide to eat it!

        Guaranteed pastured chicken is DEFINATELY a better choice than "organic" which is such a loose term these days anyway.

        In order to keep costs down, buy whole chickens, roast them, then make soup out of the leftover bones. That's one or two meals off the roast, one or two off the soup and if you let the soup simmer overnight, expect some great bone marrow to get in the soup. Budget eatin at its finest.
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