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Hemp Seeds Anyone?

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  • Hemp Seeds Anyone?

    I LOVE hemp seeds, but have been limiting my intake to an avg. of 1-3 T a day.

    Does anyone else eat these on a regular basis? I believe Mark marked them as Primal about 2 months ago. I love them in just about anything - especially my smoothies.

    I would love to here anyones input. If you eat them, how much a day on average?

    Thanks guys!
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    I eat them, 2 tbs on average, any more is pushing it in my opinion. I'm not quite in the "PUFAs are completely 100% the devil and we should all reduce them to 1% of our total calories" camp but I do recognize that there is a certain point that becomes excess and can't possibly be good.

    I make a pudding type concoction every day and the key to hemp seeds is to consume them with either flax or chia seeds. Dietary LA omega 6 fatty acid is most likely to be turned into AA and that is likely to be turned into pro-inflammatory prostaglandins which are one of hte biggest threats to health. But if consumed with omega 3 fatty acids, the omega 3 has the tendency to block the omega 6's access to the enzymes that produce the inflammation and they also product the anti-inflammatory ones at the HUFA level, although flax isn't as useful for that, so ratio is of course important. 2 tbs of flax and 2 tbs of hemp yield 5g of omega 3 ala and 6g of omega 6, but some of that omega 6 is going to be GLA which is also anti-inflammatory, and some of the LA will be converted to GLA. I think this is a reasonable proposition for those of us who like the hippie dippie junk

    In summary, 2 tbs max, make sure to add flax or chia seeds to balance the ratio, definitely make sure to be getting ample animal-based omega 3 fatty acids and watch the omega 6 intake from other sources. I think my only other source of LA is some olive oil.
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      Thanks the response. I think my average of hemp is around 2-3 tbs a day, maybe less. I don't do flax, but thanks for the recommendation. It sounds like taking my fish oil while I eat my hemp might be a good choice. I will start to do this if I remember

      Yes, too much is probably a big deal, but a little bit is very beneficial in my mind
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