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Maybe this is responsible for difficulty in weight gain

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  • Maybe this is responsible for difficulty in weight gain

    For those who struggle to gain weight despite food intake and working hard at gym maybe this could contribute to the problem??? Ghrelin, the hunger hormone also has the role of stimulating secretion of growth hormone. Eating many times a day, lots of food resulting in never really getting "hungry", maybe results in less growth hormone secretion???

    Just a thought...

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    Growth hormone also has a lot to do with blood sugar levels. It is true that fasting will stimulate the release of growth hormone, but there are also a ton of other factors. You could eat nothing but fat, be extremely full and still get a large release of growth hormone if your blood glucose remains lower.
    Growth hormone is a what a lot of people attribute as the key to success in things such as intermittent fasting. But things such as exercise can increase (particularly weight training) growth hormone a lot more than just simply fasting. So it is true that it could play a role, but there are many other factors that like to play with growth hormone.

    Ghrelin, Growth Hormone, Leptin, IGF-1, and other nonhomeostatic controls of hunger and fat burning are so cool!