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Help me tinker, seasonal eating.

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  • Help me tinker, seasonal eating.

    Hidey Ho!

    Things are heating up here in So Cal and with the weather changes my food desires are also changing. I've been having a lot of cravings for fruit and vegetables and feel really lethargic when eating dairy or meat and especially (unsurprisingly) lethargic and ill from processed and fast foods. I want to try something totally different in the interest of stripping down to the barest most whole foods I can get my hands on in high quality and quantity, with emphasis placed on time saving and happy digestion.

    As things are I'm not eating breakfast at all, I have time to suck down coffee w/ heavy cream in it. Classes are winding down and stressful, I'm working some crazy deadlines 50 hours a week or so, and something cool easy and portable sounds divine to me right now.

    With all this in mind I want to start eating a lot of fruit and veg during the day, and limit my fatty meat intake to my dinner meal. I'm thinking something like the below for week 1, I've never made smoothies before so this is a real adventure for me and advice is welcome. =P

    Breakfast: Smoothie! 1 Banana, 5 strawberry, handful blueberry, 1 peach, 5 leaf kale, 1 tbspnut butter (what "goes better", almond? macadamia?), 1/2 tsp vanilla, water to preferred texture. Is this too much fruit/stuff? too little? Would a pinch of salt be good in this?

    Lunch: Greens blend of some kind, mostly like romaine and baby spinach. Small tomatoes, mushrooms, black olives, chopped apple, homemade dressing tbd, but likely something with a dijon. Salad is always my go too lunch though usually i have protein in it, skipping on that for now.

    Dinner: 8 oz grass fed/finished fatty ribeye heaven, salted, pan seared in Kerrygold. Roasted broccoli w/ Kerrygold & some spices tbd.

    Is there anything particularly missing? Don't say bacon, I'm so off bacon right now. :P

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    Can't really add much as I do have big mug of coconut cream AM, no breakie or lunch, so just 1 meal/day so no probs for me on food variety.
    But I do think that seasonal eating is a worthy topic, still interested in comments, we get bulk loads of apples and oranges in season, private source, and gorge for a month or so on each till they run out.
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