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Lunch box ideas?

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  • Lunch box ideas?

    I'm sure many of you will be nodding your heads and agreeing when I say, Primal is awsome-

    What do I do for packed lunches?!

    I attend my Sixthform College (I live in the UK currently) everyday and I would buy lunch there but they don't offer any kind of healthy foods! I swear everyone eats garbage! They don't have a salad bar and they offer a deli but you have to have the foods in a white baguette which is a big no no and its incredibly expensive.

    So usually I take in my own nutritious food but I always pack a chicken, egg or ham salad. Same thing everytime.
    So does anyone have any ideas? We don't usually have leftovers from the night before because I'm the only one who eats primal so I cook my own seperate small meals that I always finish.
    I feel so isolated as every day I search for others like me, I havn't found them yet but I will one day...

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    Cold meatballs are nice, and easy to eat as well. There was a recipe on the MDA site about 18 months ago for chicken breasts stuffed with savoury pork mince, wrapped in bacon and baked which works really well cold and is also easy to make. I don't know where you are in the UK, but if you can find a local fish smokehouse or good fishmonger you can often get smoked salmon trimmings and offcuts very cheaply - I make a smoked salmon pate with smoked salmon trimmings, cream cheese, lemon juice, chilli powder and black pepper which is nice as a dip with raw vegetables. A thermos of good, home-made soup always goes down well - when I pack a lunch for my husband to take to work, I often give him some hot vegetable soup and then maybe a bowl of yoghurt and some cold meat, again often leftover from the previous night's meal. You can also put hot stews into a thermos to make a change.

    If you cook your own Primal meals, would you be able to negotiate a shelf in the fridge and do some cooking in advance? That way you'd know you have enough for a bit of variety with your lunches? Soup can be made quickly and easily if you are able to get the stock, and it can then be frozen in portions and defrosted overnight for a lunch. If you're able to spend some time over the weekend, or double up on your portions with a view to leftovers, it might make packed lunches a bit easier?


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      If you are cooking your own meals then I highly suggest that you start doubling your recipes! That will make lunches a breeze.

      I make my kids turkey wraps, add in a little cheese, some Avo and chard. Or anything in a thermos...chili, soup, roasted veggies and meat etc.
      Apples, oranges, cut veggies, dried fruit, nuts and hard boiled eggs travel well and can help round out a meal