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Sugar bottoming out!!!

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  • Sugar bottoming out!!!

    I am only about 2 months into this Primal way of eating. I used to have a lot of trouble with my sugar bottoming out. It has only happened once since starting Primal. Now I have it happening right now. What does Primal say about this?? What can I do???? What does it mean???? I used to eat a piece of sugar candy or drink regular pop.

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    So eat a piece of fruit or drink some orange juice.


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      I assume you are talking about having low blood sugar episodes? Eat more carbs in general and you will likely avoid them. This doesn't mean you have to (or should) eat bread, wheat, or refined carbs. See Zach's advice. I personally find that starches, like potatoes, help with low blood sugar symptoms the best.
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        I was going to suggest eating more starchy veggies, sweet potatoes, winter squashes, heck even regular potatoes would probably help.


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          What are your blood glucose readings during an episode like this?


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            I used to have blood sugar problems with it getting too low. That was on a SAD though in high school. Since my latest ketosis endeavor, which includes only eating meat and eggs, I thought I might run into problems again since I am used to some carbs or a few pieces of fruit a day. But I am doing great, better than I was with lots of carbs. I will really start to feel it near the end of this week before my carb re-feed day though. Could be that my body is turning protein into glucose or something but it sure is nice not having your meals feel like a rollercoaster of energy, being too low, or too high.