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Non-celiac gluten contamination question.

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  • Non-celiac gluten contamination question.

    I was wondering as to how cautious people generally are in terms of contamination with gluten/wheat. For example, baking in the same tins using paper linings, using thoroughly washed utensils, etc. For someone who is not sensitive to gluten, would this be something to be overly paranoid about? Thank you

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    As a non-celiac, I'm not really at all. The baking thing is a perfect example...baked two kinds of regular cupcakes for a party this weekend then a third, gluten-free batch. The utensils, tins, etc got the same quick rinse and wipe between all three batches.
    That said, I wasn't baking for anyone with a major gluten sensitivity, just others like myself who choose to avoid grains most of the time.


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      No need to be a nazi about it. (which is different from eating a cake made with flour....)
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        Yes, I would even go further and thicken some gravy, or even eat the very occasional cookie. I would just call it part of my 20%.
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          Hahah... I'm 80/20, but part of my 20% is pizza, pasta, and other gluten bad boys. I just don't do it more than a couple times a month. But I have done complete elimination and reintroduction so I know I'm very tolerant (no gut or autoimmune issues). I also know its suboptimal at the same time so thats why its still severely restricted.


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            I'm gluten sensitive. But if I wasn't I probably wouldn't worry about cross-contamination.

            However, I would probably be buying white rice flour at my local Asian store for random cooking tasks, rather than outright cooking with wheat.


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              I am non celiac gluten intolerant.

              When you totally get gluten out of your body for a long enough period (typically a couple of weeks) you may get to see the impact it has. If that happens you will become much fussier about cross contamination.

              But if at this stage you can't tell the impact it has on you, then what you are doing is a reasonable compromise and fine for your health. You are way ahead of the SAD eaters.

              When you are ready to go to the next level, try a full 100% gluten avoidance for a month and see what happens when you do a gluten challenge (ie, eat it again). You may be fine, or you may not be. You won't know until you try it. But you don't need to try it now unless you suspect there is a problem.


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                I am non-celiac, and am actually allergic to wheat. I am allergic to a different part of the wheat than gluten, but the gluten free stuff is inherently wheat-free so I'm all over it.

                Since I don't get ragingly sick like a celiac would, I don't care about using the same tins and bins as had wheat, etc. in them. As long as they are washed, I say they are fine. I also don't care about the products that say "produced in a facility that also produces wheat" or "may contain traces of wheat" like a celiac would.

                If you're not celiac, I would say fussing over it is more stress than it's worth.
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                  I am not very cautious with most utensils and pans and baking, even cook many things in the oven together. The only thing I might put up a stink about it using wheat in my cast iron pan that I try to get a good season on. This would result in me scrubbing it down in salt, and cleaning it in the oven at 500 degrees.


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                    Honestly, I'm of the "pick off the cretins and call it good" variety. More than a few tablespoons of flour will ensure that I'm in pain (inflammmation) but a few crumbs left over from this or that won't cause it. I try to avoid it, but I don't go Kosher on it.
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                      Originally posted by Annieh View Post
                      Yes, I would even go further and thicken some gravy, or even eat the very occasional cookie. I would just call it part of my 20%.
                      I would use buckwheat flour for gravy thickening : no gluten at all.


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                        Whatever you are comfortable with, just don't offer the things you make to celiac friends. I've been made sick like that before.