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    Originally posted by Dr. Bork Bork View Post
    Maybe they do nothing b/c your body is more used to those espresso shots? Caffeine is an addictive substance. After a while you have to take in more and more to get the same "hit"/high
    Well, I don't experience this at all: I have AT MOST one cup of coffee (high quality) in the early morning and never feel like more than that. Some days I have none. I would not call myself addicted ...


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      I hate energy drinks because they purport to be better for you than caffeine. That's bullcrap. Caffeine works. B vitamins, etc...ugh. Get it from your food. Furthermore it just doesn't work that way as a stimulant. Energy drinks are mental tricks, that's all. I'll keep my coffee. I hate energy drinks with vitriol.
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