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Is Gochujang Primal or close to it?

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  • Is Gochujang Primal or close to it?

    Is Gochujang Primal or close to it?

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    It's like a mix of hot pepper sauce and miso, fermented soy paste.


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      My gochujang contains gluten in the ingredient list, but I eat it anyway. It's so good and I'm not gluten intolerant.
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        I adore Gochujang, but most of the time it is not close to primal.

        It often has wheat and corn syrup. It actually really shocked me when I started frequenting Asian markets how much corn syrup was in their sauces and condiments, it was everywhere. It also often lists rice as an ingredient, so watch for that as well.

        While I love Gochujang, I prefer Ssamjang. It's essentially Gochujang mixed with fermented soybeans and seasonings like garlic and onion. It's freaking amazing. (Though it's not primal, either.)


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          did this topic appear because Gochujang was on Chopped?

          Agree, I prefer samjang over Gochujang. I was thinking just make it fresh. Did a quick search and came across this video. Hot pepper paste recipe - Definitely not primal/paleo with it containing fermented soybean powder and malt powder. Can these ingredients be substituted to make it primal?

          For those that don't know, samjang is a combination of dengjang (soybean past like miso but typically chunkier) and gochujang, with a ton of garlic and green onion. Sam (pronounced Som) means lettuce and it's typically added in a red leaf lettuce wrap with rice and meat and anything else you desire. I like to dip my meat directly into the sauce. Great to eat a whole Tbsp full while on a it like ice cream.
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