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any primal teenagers out there?

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  • any primal teenagers out there?

    i was wondering if there were any teenagers out there, would like to know how primal is going for u and how u benefited from it. and if u dnt mind could u state ur gender

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    I'm female, 19 (was 18 when I started), a uni-student and have been eating Primally since August 2012.

    I lost about 5kg (of what, I don't know). Then I gained energy, meaning I could workout without it being a chore, so now I have gained 4kg of which over 3.5kg is lean body mass.
    I find myself happier and more comfortable and that my body generally functions better in every sense: I sleep better, enjoy my exercise, have easier periods, enjoy my food more, snack less, eat more of what I love. I get ill less and illness doesn't take me out anymore, so I can just power through. My skin is cleaner and my body smells better, even sans soaps.

    My typical daily diet at the moment is:
    -8 eggs
    -100-200g of some meat or other
    -3 pieces of fruit
    -5 pieces of veg
    -some nuts
    -some butter
    +50% of my kcals from fat for optimal results, though, of course, this moves around.
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      Hey! I'm Cyndi, and 17 years old, my whole family transitioned to Primal because we all were packing on a few pounds and we couldn't figure out why. We felt tired and had no energy and we were all feeling depressed. Here's how I started:

      It was Christmas 2012 and I was at a shocking 150 pounds at 5'6" and a small frame. All of those holiday sweets were catching up with me before I realized it!! I felt horrible about myself and I needed a change so I tried every diet I could think of. I tried Weight Watchers but it only taught me how to cheat myself. I noticed my dad losing so much weight without any effort and wondered how he could and I couldn't. He and my mom had been doing Paleo/Primal, and were thriving, I slowly decided to join them. Eventually my brother started to join in the transition too, and we all started working out. I was never a runner, but I did my first 5k this July and now Im running an 8 minute mile. Primal eating enabled me the energy and drive to run, and be healthy. In the process I lost 15 lbs and I continue to drop. Now I am at 134 and running as much as I can I feel beautiful finally and I never want to go back and I can't, not knowing what I do now about food and living. I've been encouraging friends and family to make the change, and have succeeded! Sometimes it's discouraging being a primal eater in our modern world, but MDA keeps me strong! My dad lost a total of 60 lbs, my mom 20, my brother 15, my boyfriend 35, and I lost 15 and still going