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learning curve--critique please?

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  • learning curve--critique please?

    thanks for visiting my thread, I'll take all the help I can get!

    I've been eating primal for ten days, coming from a 44 day round of injection hcg.

    I have a large decaf breve latte every morning==espresso with a shot of steamed cream, no sweetener.

    that usually fills me for a couple of hours and when hungry again I might have a ten oz local grass fed beef burger fried in kerrigold butter with an onion and Himalayan sea salt. oh and topped with an of oz or so of triple cream brie!
    or three local eggs with a half lb of niman ranch bacon.

    if i'm out and about i'll have a salad of greens and some protein, olive oil and lemon dressing.

    two days I also ate a 1/4 lb of parma prosciutto (no sugar, nitrates or nitrites) with a 1/4 honeydew melon one day for lunch. was delicisous but I wonder if the melon was verboten---off to check....

    for dinner i'll have 12 ozs turkey sausage (sugar free, local) with a small head of escarole and garlic.
    or a grilled 12 oz steak and onion maybe.
    this fills me pretty well, I feel full with no hunger pangs.

    all day long I drink warm water (weird, but I like it) or weak peach tea, again no sweetener or perhaps a half tspn of xylitol crystals.

    no fruit, occasional celery or escarole, onion and garlic most every day.

    I eat until i'm full every meal, and if in an hour I want more I usually have a few bites leftover to snack on.

    so how am I doing?
    what would you add or change?

    btw, I am also eating for my blood type, (b-neg), so am choosing turkey over chicken and venison when I can. no nightshades or olives (sob, I love olives) or shellfish except very occasionally.
    thanks for your guidance, suse.
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    Your not likely to get a whole lot of blood type specific advice...

    The only thing I think you may consider is eating some organ meat once in a while (liver), eating eggs, and reconsidering your ban on shellfish unless your allergic. Varying your animal sources and eating "nose to tail" is pretty important in the long run. Otherwise, I understand you just listed one day so you very well may be doing these things and overall looks like your on the right track. Good luck!


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      I've only been primal for a few months, but the thing that sticks out to me is the lack of vegetables.
      My journal:


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        The blood type diet is poorly supported by research. At some point (ie, soon) you should try the foods you gave up for that reason alone to see if they really do bother you.


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          I switched from chicken to turkey and felt better immediately, and my husband has had fantastic results with just one minor change.
          He's an A and for over ten years has suffered--I mean SUFFERED- cramping in his hands, feet, thighs, calves, sometimes his jaw. His medical and oncology team have nothing to offer, (dana farber, so cutting edge) he got some short lasting relief from acupressure. Of course the first thing we looked at was diet and supps and tweaked those to no effect whatsoever on the intensity, duration and frequency of attacks.
          According to the book As have difficulty absorbing potassium from food sources. As per the book he now takes a shot of liquid potassium daily and has had no cramps since, in six weeks.
          He went from hours and hours of cramping day and night to zero cramp since the first dose.
          So we're simply taking it into consideration as we go forward and trying the recommendations to see how we feel.
          ok, sorry for the diversion, but thought it important to point out that some things are working in this household anyway.

          so, I posted several meal options per day, good gaia I didn't eat that entire list in one day!

          I admit to being confused about the veg--how much to eat and when and what is still ongoing for me.
          I appreciate the feedback.


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            What is great about Primal, and at the same time frustrating to new people looking for specific "eating plans" to follow, is that it isn't really about rules, it is about eating real foods and learning what works best for you. I agree with the above poster that your diet currently looks a bit low on vegetables to me, but others on this forum are almost completely carnivorous and it works well for them. What you are eating now is a fantastic baseline, now start to experiment a bit. Add in different veggies and fruits, try different meats/organs, have fun with it. Good luck!