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  • Delayed fullness

    I have beenexperiencing an uncomfortable delayed fullness after eating. I know I eat somewhat quickly, but I've never been interested in sitting atthe table for a long period of time. It takes me 15-30 minutes to eat a meal. I have to guess at how much to eat though because I don't start to feel full until about 30-60 minutes after the meal. And for the last couple days it has been an uncomfortable fullness. But by then it's too late to eat less.

    Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions?

    I do have potatoes or rice with dinner nearly every night and do consume some dairy, but otherwise everything is definitely primal.

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    Just in general eating fast has always been an issue for me in experiencing my hunger. It is my natural tendency to wolf down my meals. Careful planning keeps my portion size within check.


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      I experience this often, however because I have a yearlong experience with calorie counting, the way I experience it is that I will finish a meal in the 500-800 calorie range and still feel hungry. An hour later, I will feel fine, fantastic, even. Last night I just ate til I was full, knowing I was probably upwards of 1000 calories, and a hour later I was uncomfortable. It reconfirmed for me that I need to stop before I feel full if I don't want to end up overeating. I will say that 1000 calories of nice red meat is often not too much for me, if that's the only thing I've eaten.
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        Yup. You're pretty normal. Use smaller plates, smaller serving sizes, less than you think would fill you up. When you finish, wait an hour to see if you're really still hungry.


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          I have the same problem. I'm assuming it's from years of CW dieting (so never experiencing full, and strict portion controls). I don't like to eat fast: that's something those years of tiny portions taught me. But my tendency is to wolf because i'm hungry. So i've eaten with chopsticks for years and years. They slow me down and allow me to choose the size of my bites, helping my digestion and pure enjoyment of the meal.

          But as far as not feeling full for 30-60 minutes, i've only learned to portion out what is "reasonable" and then wait. If I'm still hungry (enough), or find myself jonesing after sweets, I "snack" on more meat.


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            CW says it takes 20-30 min to register satiety but I think JJ Stanton had an essay on hunger that speculated it's more like 2-4 hours so there's basically no way to calibrate portions at meal time. Just gotta learn and adjust over time.

            I cook rice too and 4 tablespoons looks pretty dismal when I start it up but it's always plenty in the end.

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