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Sourkraut and cider vinegar expert please!

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  • Sourkraut and cider vinegar expert please!

    I just bought my first sourkraut jar (wanted to try it before I attemp to make it myself) and had a suprise when I opened it: it bubbled and spilled over! Is that normal????

    And, I got artisanal apple vinegar cider to help with healing my gut from gluten intolerance. Any idea how to take it?

    All suggestions are welcome!
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    If the kraut smells fine, it should be. Sounds like it is a live variety (not heat processed) which is what you want.
    You can use ACV to dress your salads, or add some to your drinking water (filtered not tap). Personally I like to add a little raw honey to it as well.


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      If you're going to drink it, don't start with more than a teaspoon at a time. Some people really don't like the taste, but I love it.
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        Sauerkraut is a fermented food, so it's not uncommon for the bacteria to form gas. It should be fine if it has been properly stored.

        I usually mix an ounce of ACV with 4-6 oz water and some sweetener. Tastes delicious.
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          if you mix acv with honey and ice cold water you have switchel, an awesome thirst quencher which is a traditional farmers' beverage when making hay. haying is hot,dusty, nasty work, and a gallon of cold switchel is extremely appreciated before,during and after.
          I know people who add ginger and switch the honey with maple syrup, i'm a fan of the first concoction.