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The Cost of Eating Healthy

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    Prufock, can you buy from local producers? Like, straight from a farmer or through a farmer's market? It's more work than just heading to the store, but it can be a lot cheaper.

    As someone who also lives in Canada, I feel your pain...
    I once paid over $5.00 for the saddest head of lettuce in the Yukon. Vancouver's food prices don't seem so bad now


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      Thank you so much


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        I just font buy organic or grass fed. I figure the normal stuff won't kill me if I wash my produce enough, so I manage to feed my parents and me on ~300 a month usd.
        F 28/5'4/100 lbs

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          Originally posted by Sandra in BC View Post
          - don't get hung up on buying organic, pastured, grass fed.
          I think you wrote this for me Sandra

          Just this morning I spent about $160 for organic veggies and fruits, I don't expect them to last more than a week. (My kids want to eat fruits all day long!)

          In Dubai, organic stores and farms are just a few and prices are most of the time pretty expensive.

          I'm thinking of growing my own food in the future...


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            You're in Newfoundland. Is fish cheap there? Eat lots of fish, wild fresh or canned. Especially sardines, herring, mackerel, etc. These are usually quite inexpensive.
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              I try and buy big cuts- I got a boneless leg of lamb that will be 5 meals for $25. Lamb chops are $12 a lb, so 5 meals would be $60 bought that way. My freezer is full.

              It does save money on eating out.

              For reference, my neighbor spent $20 on McDonalds for 3. My meal that night was lamb burgers with sweet potatoe fries and asparagus. My meal ended up being under $20 for 4 servings. The lamb was $12, $3 for asparagus, $2 for potatoes.

              Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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                Originally posted by prufock View Post
                Damn, eating primal food seems to be expensive! Been doing this for 2 months now. Before starting primal eating, I was spending about $200 (CAD) on groceries. For the past 2 months it's been almost double that. What gives? Unfortunately I don't have any receipts from before to compare. Anyone have cost-saving tips.

                Relevant info: Single male, no kids, 6', 185#, office job, doing Stronglifts.
                Hey, fellow Islander! I feel your pain, do I ever feel your pain... I'm lucky if I can be after getting a month's worth of groceries for under $400.

                My advice:
                -forget buying fresh produce during the winter months. yellowing broccoli for $5? No thanks.
                -in the summer, go to your local farmer's markets to get produce. good quality, generally cheaper than the grocer
                -depending on what coast you live on, there's a few farmers around who will sell you wholesale meat (Oliver's Farm comes to mind in St. John's, there's also a pig guy out west who travels around and delivers his pork)
                -when you see sales on at Sobeys or Dominion for meat (every few months Country Ribbon will have chicken breasts nice and cheap, like $2/lb, or ground beef for $2-3/lb) buy as much as your freezer will hold.
                -buy whatever meat is on sale that week. you might have to deal with eating pork for two weeks, then eating chicken for two weeks, etc.
                -if you knows anyone out ATB that fishes, hit em up during food fishery and stock pile your freezer full of cod
                -same with moose. go in with some buddies or your neighbour's nan for a license
                -grow your own root veg. this might be difficult if you're in town with a lawn the size of a postage stamp, but you can grow potatoes in a barrell: 4 Simple Steps to Grow a Hundred Pounds of Potatoes in a Barrel | greenUPGRADER (disclaimer: i have not tried this)
                -if you're drinking lots of milk, look round your local convenience store. milk really spiked in prices in the grocery stores, but I get 4L every week at Marie's for $7, not much more than cost.

                Basically, just make sure you got a big freezer and then stockpile anytime butter/bacon/ground beef/chicken goes on sale, plus take advantage of the moose and rec cod season. Good luck!

                Random fact: did you know that if the ferries broke down and we were stranded, the entire island would only have enough food for like, 3 days? Scary stuff.


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                  Originally posted by krsn89 View Post
                  As someone who also lives in Canada, I feel your pain... food is so expensive here (Toronto). I can't always afford to buy organic/grass-fed/pastured everything so I try when I can afford it but otherwise I just shop at a "regular" grocery store. I eat a lot of starches now so that is super cheap. Whether it will fit in with your primal way of living is something you'll need to decide. I eat a lot of white rice and potatoes now and it fills me up and rice and taters are both dirt cheap! I eat a lot of canned sardines too, and you can get these at grocery stores for fairly cheap.. I buy them at an Asian supermarket and they're under $1 a can. Also, this sounds odd but intermittent fasting has helped me. I don't (usually) eat breakfast or lunch so I don't ever have to really worry about those meals. I do have fairly large dinners but again starch is a big filler for me.
                  Yeah I here ya living in Toronto, food is EXPENSIVE. I stopped shopping for my produce at big grocery stores. Luckily there is an Asian supermarket by my place and I spend about $14 week on fruits and veggies. I actually get my meat at a local farm called Brookers Meat. They supply to organic grocery stores but I order mine online and they come to my place to deliver. I have to order $200 worth of meat a time because that's the minimum before they would deliver. This last about 1.5 months.

                  To the OP, what helped for me was when I switched to Paleo I had this urged to make paleofied treats. This got really expensive because of the ingredients I needed. I also stopped buying more than I can eat in a week. I never let anything go bad. If I had left over meat I would eat it for breakfast or find a way to not have to throw it out. I also stopped buying too many varieties. I know it may seem like you are eating the same thing over and over but if you find a way to cook your food differently then that's a bonus. Yeah I understand your taller and weigh more so naturally you are going to need more food.


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                    Originally posted by Argon View Post
                    Hey, fellow Islander! I feel your pain, do I ever feel your pain... I'm lucky if I can be after getting a month's worth of groceries for under $400.
                    Always a pleasant surprise to find out I'm not the only Newfoundlander lurking around a website! I will actually probably be getting a trip on the water for the food fishery myself over the summer, and dad's been hinting at a moose hunting trip this year, so we'll see how that goes.

                    Good comments from everyone here, thanks.