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  • Primal Cosmetics, Lotions etc.

    I know Mark did a post on Primal home products. I would like to what my fellow groks use in place of body lotions, cosmetics y'day. I rarely ever use anything except moisturizer and lipstick. Do you suggest Primal alternatives? Once I buy coconut oil, I'm thinking of making a lip-balm at home by infusing the oil with cardomom and saffron, that would make for a yummy lip-balm.

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    I don't use a lot of stuff. I have goat milk soap that I LOVE. It smells so good. For makeup I'm a fan of mineral makeup. I don't wear it much except when I go out. Eye liner, mascara and lip balm is the extent of my daily cosmetics. Natural is definitely better.


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      I only buy organic products with the least amount of ingredients in them, instead of some that have a list a mile long. Coconut oil is the basis for most of them.

      I use an organic brand of makeup available in Australia called Zuii and it is flower based and absolutely beautiful and an amazing range of herbal products called Tinderbox

      Your lipbalm sounds really, really gyummy, I love cardamom and the saffron should give you a bit of colour, I am interested to see how it works out.


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        In a recent search for local organic cosmetics, I stumbled across this company:

        They are located in Austin, TX but their products are available at various stores around the US as well as on-line. I really like their tooth "soap;" it's not as gross as it sounds!


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          Definitely go for less ingredients. . .even "healthy" stores will have products with some questionable stuff, so be a label reader.

          Here's the Environmental Working Group's site on ranking a lot of cosmetics for safety:

          I tried Aubrey Organics really natural hair color--the only one I found that seemed completely natural. It was messy and smelly and I didn't get it to cover gray very well, but it could have been me and the way I applied it.


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            Catalina: Ditch the hair colour!! Embrace your grey & wear it proudly! (you'll be amazed @ how many more compliments you receive on your looks)

            I'm one of those people who doesn't wear cosmetics well At All. They do nothing for my "appearance" other than to look bad. What I do do however, is make my own dipillatory sugar. I just am not in to shaving, but I don't want the hair either. After spending $8 a jar for Moom, I searched the 'net & found recipes for maiking it at home. I'm guessing it costs 25-50 cents to make 2 jars of the exact same stuff. The last batch I made actually works better than the store-bought stuff!


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              We use oil for face cleansing. Diet makes a big difference in breakouts, but my daughter who is anything but primal had really bad acne. We started the Oil Cleansing Method instead of the heavy drugs and it was amazing. She uses 75%castor oil mixed with 25% Almond oil for her acne. I use 25% Castor/75% Almond. Just rub it in and steam it off with a washcloth.

              If she would clean up her diet, the remaining breakouts would go away.


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                Good idea on the Castor Oil Sara!

                I had been applying it all over my face before I went to bed at night. I woke up with wonderful skin.

                I, personally, am thankful that I ditched the stupid $15 Mary Kay eye-makeup remover for my $0.99 Vitamin E Oil! My 'Mary Kay' addicted friends give me weird looks when I suggest the switch, but it's their loss of money, not mine!

                (Oh and take away my favorite 'non-primal' mascara and we'll have fist-to-cuffs!!! ;-)


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                  Thank you all for all the wonderful suggestions, I have to try and incorporate them into my everyday life. Some of my relatives back home (India) still use coconut oil as the only moisturizer. But the idea of getting my work clothes oily is the only thing deterring me from doing it - a vain reason I know

                  This is what I did while growing up and have to resume now. Before washing your hair, massage it with coconut oil and wash after a few hours. Leaving it to soak overnight and washing the next day is even better.


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                    Maba, I do that too. I soak it with warm Coconut Oil and then leave in overnight. I have the BEST hair days after doing this!


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                      I have HORRIBLE acne and even after going primal, continue to break out on my forehead and chin. It is really bad. Anyone have advice for skin care and products for acne?


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                        Natalie, I am having 'acne-free' days after cutting all dairy out (boo-hoo, I love my dairy!), but it's only been about 6 days since my last 'incidence'.

                        Usually, a chin-isolated eruption may indicate a sluggish bowel. Maybe try some Senna tea a couple of times a week if you are not (ahem) regular.

                        I am still experimenting, on this, so don't quote me on these as 'facts' ;-)

                        One topical thing to try is this:

                        1 part Bentonite Clay & 3 parts Apple Cider Vinegar. Mix into paste and apply to face.

                        It will dry and pulsate, bringing blood to the surface and expelling toxins from your pores (both the clay and the vinegar are wonderful toxin pullers).

                        I even take bentonite clay orally when I fast to cleanse the bowels.

                        These seem to work for me, even when I was on my CW 'trek'.


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                          Natalie---read my post above. My daughter's acne was DREADFUL. Everywhere, red, made me want to cry to look at her. It was oily all the time and she was using very drying products like ProActiv plus moisturizer. When she started the OCM (oil cleansing method), we were desperate and just about ready to go to the derma. for heavy drugs. The oiliness went away very quickly and by the 4th day her skin was visibly clearer.

                          The breakouts she gets now are tied to her hormones and they're small, normal pimples that come to a head w/in a day and disappear. No more large cysts that leave scars.

                          We did start w/ the cheapo castor oil from the grocery store, but we've switched to organic, purer oil from the HFS. But the cheap stuff worked fine. The worse your acne, the higher percent of Castor oil you use. She started with 50/50 and ramped up to 75/25. I started w/ 50/50 also, but it was too strong, so I use the 25/75 every couple of days.

                          There, I can help w/ acne, but I can't help myself get off the grains and sugar. Maybe someone else can help me! LOL.


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                            I'm a huge makeup junky, ever since I was 14 and stole my mom's. I wish I never wore it because it only made me look worse and worsened my skin, but I always had bad skin and I've grown attached to it. Like I don't care how it looks as long as it's there to 'protect me'. It's this psychological thing I can't get rid off. I feel naked without it but I wish I never ever used it.

                            I wonder if PB will help me feel confident enough to go without

                            Though I doubt it :/

                            Until then I can at least use the better kind :]

                            And having acne for most of my life made me really educated when it comes to cosmetics! I have so many recipes it'll take me hours to write them down.

                            I have really oily skin and I find the less I wash it/ touch it, the better it looks.

                            I wash it with baking soda and tone it with red wine vinegar (diluted) because my skin hates (with a passion) anything commercial.

                            Aubrey is awesome, I hear good things about Zuii and Jane Ireland but my favourite is Bobbi Brown (though it's pricey).

                            There's also a way of making your own lotions- that's pretty primal!

                            Another thing my aunt swears by, and she has oily, aged but PERFECT skin, is washing your face with sea salt and warm water and finishing off by wetting your face with an ice cube.

                            She used to have cystic acne and eczema but now at 50 her face is just flawless! No wrinkles or anything! She doesn't wear makeup or uses any creams either. But I tried to do what she does and I can't tolerate the ice :]

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                              Not without Salad- I make an excellent complexion bar that I get stalked for by adults with acne. It's an activated charcoal bar with goats milk. The charcoal purifies and the goats milk soothes.

                              If you're looking for a mineral make up source, check out Brambleberry. Seeing as you have the knack for creating your own, they have a mineral make up starter kit, once you get the basics down it's easy.

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