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Another Thyroid question...

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  • Another Thyroid question...

    Is it possible for the body to react to the cessation of supplementing with iodine (for hypothyroid) within 2 days? My goiter is larger, I have brain fog and I am exhausted. The reason I stopped is because of lab results (very high CRP) and some reading I've been doing, it's very possible I have Hashi's...and apparently iodine is not good for Hashi's peeps.

    I was taking 600mcg/day. Maybe I should go to 300mcg/day for a week and then stop? The stuff I use is a liquid and 1 drop = 600mcg.

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    Are you doing this iodine therapy under a doctor's care?


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      I asked my endo back in December if I could supplement with iodine (since blood work came back within normal ranges for antibodies) and he shrugged and said "sure, it doesn't matter." So I started. Had immediate shrinkage of my goiter.
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        How about trying some natural sources of iodine such as sea veggies and shellfish instead of the supplements? They are better absorbed by your body and it is just about impossible to overdo the quantity.