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I Feel Awful and Can't Figure Out Why

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    Thanks Neckhammer this helps, I'm getting a bit of clarity here. I hope I'm putting my replies in the right place, I've only just joined the forum and haven't quite figured out the finer points as yet. I reckon the more fat, lower carb is the way to go for me as it's the only thing I've never tried. I followed the blood group diet for a long time, and as an O+ it was pretty close to primal and I did OK on it. The biggest difference is that I made it a low fat diet - minimal nuts, oils and not eating the fats on meats. Am I making sense here?


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      It is possible to still have low carb flu for three weeks. You could try to ride it out and eat a bit more fat, homemade salted chicken broth with veggies, and take magnesium. Even on a primal diet, it is hard to get enough magnesium. If the oral doesn't work you can order a topical magnesium brine or use epsom baths.

      The other possibility is that you have an intolerance to some primal food. You may want to try an autoimmune protocol version of paleo for a month to see if any of the high culprit foods effect you. That means no dairy, eggs, nightshades, nuts, or coffee during that time. It is tough at first, but it can help you figure out if those foods are a problem.

      Hang in there!!

      ETA: I feel absolutely horrible when I include coconut oil in my diet. I have no idea why - it is the opposite for everyone else. Is the coconut oil new for you?
      Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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        Hi Jammies,

        Congratulations on your fine result! Auto-immune arthritis is nasty.

        I've been wondering the same thing - is there a food intolerance here? I went off all nightshades in January 2013 and it helped a heap with joint pain. I'm pretty sure I don't tolerate dairy, so haven't eaten that in a long time. I wonder about coconut, because it's a new-ish food. I find your comment/reaction to coconut interesting. It's fairly high in salicylates. If it's low carb flu I've just got to hang in there for a bit longer before changing anything. I'm going to try taking my magnesium in several tiny doses during the day, maybe that will be absorbed.

        I really appreciate the help and support you and all the other Groks have given me, thankyou so much.

        I think I'll just hang in there for a couple more weeks, add a bit more fat, take small doses of mag, then review.