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It's that time of the year. Who's in for a May Whole 30?

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    It's all a puzzle in the long run. What works for my body and fuels it properly along with my metabolic "issues." I believe I have found the right way of eating for me by doing the Whole30. I'll be continuing very close to it for a very long time to come.


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      Day 9 update -

      feel like this fat is starting to shift quite quickly as my clothes are starting to get a little big.

      I poached my fish in coconut milk and dill last night and had a bit of sweet potato mash with it. Quite delightful

      For lunch it is egg, avocado, anchovies and spinach super salad.

      Trying to work out what it is for dinner. I am thinking turkey lettuce wraps.
      2010 - 5,11 and 101KG

      2012 - 5,11 and 77KG

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        Today is Day 30 for me. I have not stepped outside the rules since starting. Today is also Day 15 of the AIP for me which further restricts food options. I feel great! I am continuing in entirety for the next 30. There are no foods that I want or crave more then I crave radiance.


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          grilled chicken and cauliflower rice (with tomatoes and peppers) - cold from the fridge, it's so hot here today!

          I may not be blinding anyone with sexiness, but I am doing well for an old lady.

          and my scale is out of service. I don't crave anything. I think about chocolate, but I don't really want any. And I don't want coffee. Hurray! No longer addicted to caffeine. Woo hoo.


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            My first Whole 30 challenge ended in the middle of a cruise. Dropped 2 inches from my waist and 2 inches from hips. Lost 1 size while never being hungry. Empty maybe but never hungry. Took a few days off while not really digressing very much and started another Whole 30 as of yesterday. I did learn how to make my own mayo. Who knew that it would be so fantastic! Well maybe you did. So glad I took this challenge and praying this next one goes as well.