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Low blood sugar feeling- please help.

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  • Low blood sugar feeling- please help.

    I am not diabetic but have always been prone to feeling faint/sweaty/dizzy if I don't eat every few hours...hoping PB can change that for me. Been transitioning to PB for about a week now.

    I am still doing some sugars- I had 4 oz 100% juice this morning and then took a 45 min walk (sometimes can't complete workout without having a boost like that esp if I'm starting to feel it come on), breakfast of eggs/sausage/veggies/EVOO (I cut out the oatmeal finally)...then got hungry in 2 hours...had Lara bar and almonds...then felt weak again in a few hours so had 4 oz juice followed by lunch of greens/chicken w/ skin/plaintain/brown rice/strawberries. For snacks I have carrots, almonds, full fat greek yogurt, lara bars, sometimes fruit.

    I don't know what else to do when I'm feeling like that besides grabbing some juice- it's what I've always done and eating protein/fat at that time when I'm feeling faint does not help, and I need to function properly through the work day.

    However last night I had a shake of pumpkin puree/coconut milk/a little agave, and I believe the fat in the coconut milk kept me satisfied or blunted the sugar/insulin spike and drop.

    Please, advise! Thank you!!!
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    Here's what i recommend to anyone that thinks they have a glucose issue: Go to Walgreens and buy a cheap-o blood glucose monitor ($15) and a jar of test strips. Check your fasting BG and then after eating at 30 minute intervals--see if you are actually having a hypoglycemic phase, or just think you are.

    A normal FBG will be between 85-115, preferably under 100. 30-60 minutes after eating some carbs or sugar, you'll see a spike of 140-200 depending on what you ate. at about 2 hours is when the hypoglycemia will occur, sometimes down into the 60's, but it should be right back to your fasting level at the 3 hour point. You need to check at 15-30 minute intervals or you will miss what's happening because it happens pretty fast.

    You may not be having a hypo-reaction at all. Just knowing what's going on will make it much easier for you to figure out what to do, and it only costs $20-30.

    Otherwise, to answer your question, PB makes it easier to stop snacking and quit the sugar. It takes many of us several weeks to fully kick the sugar habit. It's more brain-addicting than you'd imagine!


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      UPDATE: low blood sugar feeling is going away! As long as I eat enough protein and *fats* with just enough carbs from fruits/potatoes/full fat greek yogurt I minimally get that feeling- I especially notice a benefit with adding in more fats, which of course, I always limited to be "healthy".


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        same here.
        sweet potatoes and bananas to the rescue.
        no more low carb for me!
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