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Adding a lot more fat for starters (Newbies)

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  • Adding a lot more fat for starters (Newbies)

    I find coconut oil one of the most interesting oils on Earth. In fact, probably one of the healthiest! I learned that coconut oil is the fat that burns other fats. So a little bit of coconut oil is ok, like maybe one tablespoon per day. Too much coconut oil can start to cause problems though. Most likely, it will cause stomach problems. Another way to be healthy with fat is to save the fat from the meat you cooked and the next time you cook eggs for breakfast, cook it with the fat you saved instead of using olive oil or other oils that you by from the store that is processed. The oils that you should not use is canola or soybean oil. Switching from glucose to fat can be a huge deal for your body. If you switch all at once, it can cause many tummy problems. The worst case is that you might get a little sick. But if you switch gradually and be gentle to your body, then you may start to feel a little strange just like I did, but at least you are not sick. When your body adapts to this way of life, you may start to feel normal again just like before, or even better! If you continue to feel strange maybe after 3-4 weeks, either leave out the foods that are just not what your body wanted, talk to your doctor about it, or maybe this way of life is just not you. Thank You.

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    And by the way, this is just an opinion.