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Do I lose some minerals when I soak my nuts?

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  • Do I lose some minerals when I soak my nuts?

    Hello Primal Folks!

    This is my first post, after a couple months lurking on this website.
    I just discovered about the whole primal/paleo concept back them and dived right in!

    So today, I come with a question to which, even after a "thorough" literature/web research, I couldn't answer too.

    I would have loved to be one of the protagonist of a "Dear Mark," but I followed his advice and decided to first give it a shot here.

    In my paleo-transformation process, I decided to work on my usual cereal and milk breakfast and replace it by something safer.
    As a baby step, I chose to prepare a mix of nuts, seeds and dry fruits, and to eat a handful of it with some fresh fruits and yoghurt.

    Now, nuts and seeds are most probably healthier if soaked; I learned that fact and totally agree and understand it, but ! :
    If the process is used to get rid of phytic acid, and phytic acid is a chelating ligand that hold on minerals preventing their absorption in the guts when I soak my nuts in water, maybe some enzymes deal with the phytic acid but most probably, the minerals will dissolve in that water and end in the beautiful lake of my city when I'll discard the liquid...

    I learned today that when soaking nuts, we were more concerned about enzymes inhibitors that are turned off by inducing sprouting conditions than the actual phytate.
    Yet, even if I could see how the nuts really just need to be wet on the inside, my experience showed that if you put it in water overnight, it gets pretty damp!

    What do you think about mineral loss during soaking?
    Not only in nuts and seed, but for the whole fermenting/soaking process to make not-optimal foods better concept.
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    oh come on...


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      I heard hot water soaks can decrease fertility...

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      And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.


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        If it concerns you then drink the water or use it to make something.
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          Originally posted by cori93437 View Post
          I heard hot water soaks can decrease fertility...

          Yep, that is the direction my mind went when I saw the post title....
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            Sorry about that!

            I changed the title from the ubiquitous "Do I lose some minerals when I soak my nuts?" To a more decent one

            My question was serious though!
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              Soaking nuts (and grains) removes the anti nutrient coating, making the nutrients more bio available. I don't think you need to worry about losing minerals. Do not use the soaking water...that is where all the nasty is!


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                You're probably right.

                I could see how the phytate is located in the skin. Making blanching the nuts enough to get rid of it. But enzyme inhibitors, deep down in the meat, need sprouting conditions to disappear.

                There's actually a study on the decrease/increase of nutrients in sprouted millet : Nutritive value of malted millet flours - Springer
                Maybe, hopefully, millet is very different from nuts, but this study shows that phytic acid is not really reduced by 24h soaking, but an afterward 48h germination is much more effective.
                More importantly, the 24h soaking didn't reduce the mineral content (except for a little calcium and magnesium that were probably counter-ions to the phytate) which is good news!

                Since I now know that phytic acid might not the primary concern in nuts (although my favorite brazil nut is pretty high in the stuff..) and that soaking does not seem to cause mineral loss, I'm happy!


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                  I ate about 150gm macadamia nuts yesterday, and digestively i think i did ok, apart from the obvious over the limit portion size. Hence i think, they contain less phytic acid/enzyme inhibitors, which sort of makes sense because their shells are bloody hard to crack open, and i hazard a wild guess that being their main defense mechanism, once you get past that it's good to eat!


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                    LMAO.... I couldn't even get around to reading the post.