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Teen's Strange Ramen Addiction

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  • Teen's Strange Ramen Addiction

    A chick from the UK is eating nothing but ramen noodles (link below)...

    Georgi Readman, 18, of the Isle of Wight, U.K., refuses to eat fruit and vegetables and exists solely on packaged noodle soup, a snack that often contains high amounts of fat, saturated fat, and sodium. One package typically boasts 400 calories and 20 grams of fat."

    “I hate the texture of fruit and vegetables," she said. “I can’t go to my friends' for dinner or go out for meals because I don’t want them to see me freak out if the side salad touches the stuff I eat.

    Readman could not be reached for comment but according to her doctors, she is malnourished and has the health of an 80 year old.

    "That sounds like an accurate assessment," says Lisa Kaufman, a pediatrician at Village Pediatrics who has not treated Readman. "A diet of instant noodles has likely wreaked incredible amounts of havoc on her organs. The body—especially one that's still developing—needs protein, minerals, and nutrients to grow; that's just basic common sense. Without it, this girl has probably suffered stunted growth and IQ, osteoporosis, heart and kidney damage, and high blood pressure. Her lifespan has likely been shortened as well.

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    The absurd part (well, it is all absurd) is instead of focusing on the damn noodles, or the absence of meat and vegi, the lady writing the article focuses on the fat and salt.