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Has Eating Primal Fixed Anyone's Benign Tremor?

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  • Has Eating Primal Fixed Anyone's Benign Tremor?

    I am somewhat all new to this and have a lot of newbie excitement. I've gone primal on my own and my husband has seen that I've lost weight and noticed that I don't eat some things, but he hasn't paid great attention. He has some issues that I think would greatly benefit from primal eating: IBS, diverticulitis, general aches, etc. I finally tried to talk to him about it tonight, and the issue that bothers him more than all of this is a benign tremor he has in his hand. I know this is a huge long shot, but I'm wondering if anyone here had a benign tremor before starting the primal lifestyle, and has seen it improved from going primal. That might get his attention. I think he would feel so much better all over his body if he could get interested in this and really follow it.

    TIA for your help.