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Opinions on shakiness and cheese, please!

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    Bit of a rush... back later... with lamb stuff...

    ... but just to say that in my other role of Deep Thinker of The Decade I actually stumbled across the notion of putting food into Paleotrack before eating it all... [ insert deeply stupid emoticon here]

    ... back later with the new, fantastic, Helper-assisted results...


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      Mr. Anthony, there may well be something in that. I've have some tomorrow night and have a test.

      Pigling, I'm in the Lake District, tucked under Skiddaw and Blencathra. There are loads of farms producing this, especially around Cartmel, Barrow, Silverdale and Carnforth, as well as up north by the River Eden estuary. There are some fancy places selling it, but Booths do it much cheaper. (American translation: Booths=North of England Supermarket chain renowned for actually veering towards the ethical when they can - sourcing locally, and offering a lot of quality alongside the obligatory tat).

      Crypto, I didn't really think I would open the door to a pile of suitcases on the cobbles, but it doesn't hurt to sound pleased about it... . I added samphire to Paleotrack, so that's that sorted. I have consistently failed to keep a diary since I was thirteen; I don't think I could maintain the interesting-content-quotient that you, Annie and Wonder manage to do. Except for maybe July, when my peas will be ready for eating out of the pod, and I pull my paleo-knickers firmly over my head and run nekkid round the garden in open rebellion. Cramming peas down my throat as I go.

      So, Helper In Chief, my results today are a rather more sedate 60% fat, 21% protein, 19% carbs (on 1,748 calories), so not quite there, although my stomach and mind are sending each other slightly blissed out messages, so not all bad. More calories than I need during the week, but that's my own fault for starting with the steak/salmon, and then continuing to eat just to bring the carbs up... Ho hum, tomorrow is, YET AGAIN, another day. Sigh. I'll get there.

      One thing that three days of tracking has shown me is that despite shovelling down the meat and cream, I'm still not getting enough calcium or iron... in fact, minerals in general seem thin on the ground. Do you take extra supplements? Or are there mineral-superfoods? In fact, I'm off to google...


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        60% fat, 21% protein, 19% carbs is close enough for me, I don't want to be a slave to any numbers. The idea is to learn about what you eat and what your body wants and needs. And what it doesn't want. You're doing great! More important is How do you feel? It can't be better than blissed out. Do you have lots of energy? I'm surprised you haven't suffered through 'carb-flu' at all, which most all of us get on removing all refined sugar, including corn syrup and HFCS. You must not have eaten much sugar to start with. By the way, the natural sugars in fruit is OK, still primal. But berries are best.

        Yes, I take supplements. Some here do, some don't, they think food should supply everything. I take daily: 3 probiotics (I have digetive problems), 3 Omega-3 (to balance the Omega 3/6 ratio), 1 packet of Damage Control (Mark's Mulit-vitamin,-mineral, -antioxidant), 2 Gloucosamine (for joint pain), 1 iron (I'm anaemic), 1 Mg, (because the US soil is farmed out and deficient in Magnesium), 800mg Vit. D3 (because I don't get outdoors enough). I'm sometime on, sometimes off with K2 which directs calcium to the bones (it's also in DC).

        Here's the USDA Nutrition Data home:
        Here's the National Center for Biotechnology database: National Center for Biotechnology Information
        The top 10 foods highest in calcium: Top 10 Foods Highest in Calcium
        Mark's 14 supplemental foods: 14 Important Nutrient-Dense Supplemental Foods | Mark's Daily Apple
        Good source of herbs: - Vitamins, Supplements & Natural Health Products
        2 common nutrient deficiencies: Two Common Nutrient Deficiencies on Primal and Paleo Diets | Mark's Daily Apple
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          I'm zonked - long day: early start in office, 4 mile walk home from the garage, an afternoon's tree surgery (in my own garden, for once!), a 4 mile walk back uphill this evening to collect the car, one of those endless pacing around 'phone calls you only ever have with your mother, shopping for catfood (now, could they go paleo, I wonder), eating, and now it's bedtime [cries].

          So no tracking today, although I strongly suspect I have overdone it on the fat and protein again, although I have eaten - in a very sulky manner - some carrots and spinach.

          Crypto, you are a star for those links - thank you! I suspect my answers will be in there, but if I start browsing now I'll never go to bed. I do have quadruple the energy I had just three weeks ago - it's wonderful. I think I had mild carb 'flu in the second week with some headaches and general grumpiness, because I NEVER get headaches and I NEVER get grumpy. I had a fit of rage after work one day as well, and just sat and swore in revolting and unpleasant ways in the car for five minutes before driving home - something else I never usually do. But you're right about my previous diet - if I bought bread it would normally go mouldy before I'd even opened it; I didn't eat junk anyway, so it was just cutting out the porridge, lentils, beans, rice, potatoes and occasional pasta, plus the fruit and the six or seven spoons of sugar in my coffee every day.

          Your supplement list sounds like you really know what you're doing. I'm anaemic too - in my teens my GP said steak, spinach and Guinness or red wine would sort it out. It never did, but [dodgy paleo reading and comprehension alert] perhaps all the wheat that was still in my diet was inhibiting the uptake? I don't know whether to carry on as I am and see if it all picks up on a 'clean' diet, or poke around for some supplements. And now I'm drivelling. Apologies. Bedtime happens very suddenly these days. I must be off. Goodnight!


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            Hope you sleep well. Thank you for saying I sound like I know what I'm doing. Ah, but it's a farce. Only 'sounds like'. I'm pretty new and learning from the others here, and other sites, etc.

            Raw Milk is a great source of calcium, but milk in general is not paleo though it's allowed on primal. Today about 50% of Americans can no longer drink pasturized, homogenized milk after about the age of 25. I've finally gotten some (raw milk), I love it but I'm not sure it loves me. I've determined I'm lactose intolerant. I have no problems with cheese of any type, so I'm a little confused about the raw milk. It must be a A1/A2 Beta Casein problem. Maybe I'll look into this, or get motived to try and hunt up some raw goat milk. Or maybe I'll quit with the milk.

            When I was pregnant my OB strongly believed food was better than supplements so, because I was anemic, I had to eat 1/3 lb of liver every morning for breakfast. My beloved spouse cooked it for me (I wasn't too fond of it). I can report that the liver worked very well. (But that's a lot of liver.) You'll see that liver is much higher in iron than steak, spinach and red wine, though they do sound better. Today I love liver, but not every morning for breakfast, that's too much.

            IMO being primal does make a difference in nutrient absorbtion including supplement absorbtion. Also, it's necessary to have the other elements in excess that are needed for absorbtion available at the time of absorbtion. I mean, first the intestional inflamation from the SAD will stop absorbtion. Second, Ca requires Vit. D3, K2, and I think E present and available simultaneously to be absorbed. Don't quote me on those, I'd have to check.
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            "When the search for truth is confused with political advocacy, the pursuit of knowledge is reduced to the quest for power." - Alston Chase


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              You know, i just realised that the journal thing might have been a polite hint to stop clogging up the nutrition board with daily ramblings, instead of nutrition questions, so I'll go and start up there instead! But on nutrition I have something to say on the subject of cheese and some of the comments you've made...

              I'd dumped milk, but kept cream and cheese. A LOT of cheese. And this past week I have noticed my skin getting blotchier, which naturally I ignored, until Saturday morning I woke up with a glowing, heated, two-tone face that I couldn't ignore. Having seen people's wails of despair about dairy on here I decided to go no dairy for two weeks to see what happened - perhaps all that nutrient inhibited uptake stuff had actually stopped me reacting so badly to dairy before as I wasn't getting the full blast. Or perhaps I've just been a pig this week where cheese is concerned. Anyhow, experiment over. By Saturday night, on just one day of no cream or cheese, it had faded to virtually nothing.

              You'll excuse me while I go outside and scream for a moment?

              I can't give up cheese. I can't. I won't.

              I'm going to have to sodding well ration myself, aren't I?

              Anyway, it's all academic right now, because last night I made a lovely minted lamb, onion, mushroom, spinach, wild garlic mess on a plate - and then spent from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. in the bathroom wishing the world would end. It appears that eating too much (see greedy pig comment earlier) wild garlic at once can make people sick. It never has before, but again, if I'm absorbing things more thoroughly then I suppose I need to be a bit more careful.

              So my precious day off that was full of thrilling potential, now consists of going back to bed, sipping dioralyte and not making any sudden movements. Whoop. On the plus side, the cats have come to sympathise [warm themselves] and have sneaked under the duvet - there is nothing nicer than warm fur on bare skin, and the purring is soothing too. My head and I are now going to put the laptop down since everything aches, but I'll be back to admire your liver dedication...


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                Perhaps you will be able to consume cheese in limited quantities.


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                  Originally posted by eKatherine View Post
                  Perhaps you will be able to consume cheese in limited quantities.
                  Or spend the same money on much less extremely good quality cheese from specialist local providers? We have an excellent cheesemonger here in town - a small piece of their top-grade rocquefort or parmesan is like a condiment, costs at least 5 for a couple of meals worth and keeps you cheesed up all week...


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                    Huge Congratulations!!! I award you full membership in the Primal Clan. You have conducted your first two N=1 experiments successfully. Horrible, isn't it, especially when the results waste a lovely free day. Thank you for letting me be your helper-in-chief, I've enjoyed it immensily. You're a very quick learner.

                    I'll look for you in the journal pages.
                    "When the search for truth is confused with political advocacy, the pursuit of knowledge is reduced to the quest for power." - Alston Chase