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  • Egg sensitivity symptoms

    For some reason my body suddenly is telling me to lay off eggs. I've had lots of flare-ups of my IBS, feeling like I'm swollen from 'tip to tail' and my intuition is telling me it may be my daily eggs ( I usually eat 2 whole and 2-6 whites). I've also been unusually fatigued in the last 8 weeks and unable to finish my usual workouts. I'm a bit curious and decided to remove them from my diet for a few weeks. Anyone else have egg sensitivity? If so, how did you know? Did it help to just take a break from them?
    I'm a bit bummed out... now I'm sensitive to gluten (no biggie), dairy, fish/shellfish (allergic), fruits, dairy/ghee AND eggs. Sigh....

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    Sure. I used to buy eggs by the 15 dozen box and eat 3 or more each day. After a while I had the feeling they were causing the arthritis-like pain in my feet that most things I am intolerant to cause. I stopped, and no more pain. I eventually came to the conclusion that I was able to eat eggs occasionally as long as I did not average more than one per day.

    Recently having heard that it is possible to be allergic to egg whites but not egg yolks, I did an egg sensitivity experiment where I ate egg yolks and only egg yolks. I ended up eating about 6 egg yolks a day and not reacting. I decided that I can probably eat all the egg yolks I want, and will on occasion.

    The whites? I couldn't even get the cats to eat them. I think that says something about egg whites as a food.


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      I can't eat eggs anymore either. Or diary, gluten nuts etc. welcome to the club took me a long time to figure out eggs before this diet, I used to go out and have a nice brunch and find myself totally exhausted afterwards, be walking home and my chest would go very tight and my breathing shallow and find it really hard work. Didn't have any idea it was eggs, then started to think it was maybe gluten from the bread etc. When I did the whole30 I eliminated them and now I am actually a little scared of being accidentally given them due to my extreme reaction after trying a re-introduction.
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        Hummm...thanks for the replies. On top of about 2 eggs a day I've eaten egg whites by the carton full for the last 4 years. I have a feeling it's the white's I react to. I'm going to take a break from them for a while and see how it goes. Breakfast just isn't the same!


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          I was eating more eggs, but they suddenly just stopped tasting good. As in, I won't even eat quiche, and I loved quiche. I'm generally ok with a few bites (ie, if they're cooked in something or I steal a few bites of my husbands), but the idea of eating eggs just doesn't really appeal to me right now. I figure I'll go with it until I have something to tell me otherwise.
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