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anyone else extremely sensitive to salt??

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  • anyone else extremely sensitive to salt??

    I cannot have salt. Everything I buy is low sodium or salt free(things like tuna, cottage cheese). I eat whole foods and never add salt to my foods. if I do eat something with a bit of salt, the scale can go up 5-7 lbs the next day but whats worse is the way I feel. my eyes are super puffy. my hands are extremely bloated, my feet look like they did when I was 9 month pregnant. it takes a good 2-3 days to go down. I've explained this to a couple doctors and they all say its normal but not sure that it is.

    I feel the same way when I would eat breads, pastas too. but I no longer eat those. i'm not low carb as I do have nuts, yogurts and the rare occasion of sweet potatoes but not often.

    is anyone else like this? why would someone be so sensitive to salt?

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    From what I understand, this varies by individual, and you are not all that unusual. I am not particularly sensitive to salt, but I know people who are, and some of them have had to be 'salt free' because it was causing high blood pressure.

    Happily for them, simply eliminating salt brought down their pressure, and they didn't have to take meds.


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      I'm not as sensitive as the OP, and I'm not totally sure for me if it's the carbs or the salt or the combination. Before primal, I rarely used table salt because I was eating enough deli meats/cheeses, condiments, canned soups, etc., that I knew I was getting plenty of sodium from them.

      Now I do use salt, but probably not as much as a lot of folks, mostly because I don't have much of a taste for it. The exception is rice/white potatoes. When I put either in a dish or eat one as a late night snack, I tend to salt it a lot. Then I wake up with swollen fingers. Since that's the only thing that does it now, I'm not sure which causes the puff.

      OP, it sounds like you're very sensitive. I might ask my doc about it at your next appointment. It might be as simple as being low in potassium, or something that needs attention.
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        I'm overly sensitive to MSG compared to other salts. A quarter of a serving of Chinese take-away, even the sauce-free/dry ones, will mean down-in-the-mouth, dehydration and excessive body-warmth by the morning. MSG-hangovers. Not fun.
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          I am sensitive to salt in some ways too. I used to make my own miso soup and all I can remember was that I had a terrible headache shortly after consuming it. I also get bloated after having too much salt. I have always thought that this was a normal reaction though..


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            Well, salt does make you retain water. But what's wrong with that?

            My explicit salt consumption has gone through the roof when I went wheat free (I guess I was getting the salt in hidden form before).
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