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    Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
    Getting water from nature is a holy experience. Nobody ever felt love for a faucet.
    Totally agree. There is a spring up in the mountains where some of my family grew up that has the best water ever. In fact, I have thought about finding a nearby spring and loading up once a week/month for drinking water.

    As for the pemmican, it works great. I use it out here in Southern California. I make it myself. That US Wellness stuff melts. I have used the US Wellness stuff and it'll last for a few days. I wrap it in the center of my sleeping bag. I don't stuff my sleeping bag into a stuff sack though, I just stuff it into the bottom of my pack, leave a little bit loose, set my pemmican on the bag, then stuff the loose bit over it. Eat the pemmican in the first couple of days. If I bring my own, that stuff has sat on a shelf in my kitchen for 6 months and it is still good.

    One of the most tastiest meals you can make is to bring dehydrated starchy stuff (I like yams or sweet potatoes) and vegetables. Cook this up in your pot (with water of course) and melt in some pemmican. Oh man. So delicious and satisfying.
    I will most defintely keep your stew suggestion in mind. What is the best way to clean your pot after cooking that? Rinse with water and wipe with a paper towel?

    Interesting that the US Wellness stuff melts. I guess their tallow is higher in MUFA/PUFA than the tallow you render yourself. I am not concerned about the pemmican going bad as much as it making a mess by totally melting in the 90+ degree heat.


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      I don't think the problem is their tallow. It is that their meat is not fully dry. The resulting product is moist.

      I don't really clean my pot. I add a little water, scrape with my spoon and drink the water. Repeat as needed. Comes from so much hiking in arid places.
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        Oh this is great! I love camping and backpacking and I have been wondering about how to keep fed. It's funny, we are trying to have a hunte/gatherer diet in the wild and it takes so much more planning. We can't hunt or gather.

        But these are all great ideas, I do want to try and make pemmican at some point to practice.
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          I just finished a 2 day/2 night 20 mile trip. Here was my menu. Not entirely primal/paleo, but it works from me. I also don't bring a stove. It lets me hike longer, less fuss/mess.

          Breakfast x2: 2 starbucks via columbian in cold water (very yummy, like iced coffee)
          1 Probar Superfruit or Superfood

          Lunch x2: 2 Larabars, primal trail mix, some jerky

          Snacks x2: More trail mix and jerky

          Dinner x1: 6 oz summer sausage
          6 oz sharp chedder cheese
          2 Larabars
          1 piece 85% dark chocolate
          Dinner x1: 3 oz tuna pack
          3 oz jerky
          6 oz sharp chedder cheese
          2 Larabars
          1 piece 85% dark chocolate

          I had plenty of energy and wasn't really ever hungry. Nice not futzing around boiling water and heating food. I hiked with my dad and I was finished eating and full before he starting eating. For some more ideas you can dehydrate sweet potatoes, fruits, make homemade GORP, dried hummus, different jerkys, homemade or store bought Larabars or granola/protein bars, tuna/chicken/salmon pouches, cured sausages/salamis, hard cheeses. Packit Gourmet has a line of gluten free meals that get rave reviews. EZ Meal Planning