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    Hello everyone!

    Recently my wife decided to ditch the BCP, and three weeks later she can feel and I can tell there are already some seriously major results. Her mood has increased as well as her libido, and she's enjoying herself much more than previously on the pill. Since going off of it we just stopped doing the hormonal method and sometimes we've just not cared to and have accepted that there's a darn good chance we might have a baby. Because of that, we have been talking about nutrition a wee bit and the both of us have agreed that we'd like to find a Paleo/Primal friendly doctor in the area.

    As far as pre/post pregnancy nutrition goes, do any of you ladies have any advice or opinions on doctors (and going about finding them), vitamins, and exercise ect.?



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    Most docs take maybe one nutrition class in their whole 8 years. I wouldn't look to a doc for nutrition advice.

    Here's are a few blog posts I wrote that may be helpful (lots more on my blog):

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      Listen to Dragonfly


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        Originally posted by Neckhammer View Post
        Listen to Dragonfly

        I'd do anything to be able to go back and eat primal during my pregnancies/nursing time. Start now to fill up your nutritional stores before pregnancy begins. It is better for baby and mom that way. It is hard to catch up if a good diet isn't started until after conception. Also, eating and behaving like you're already pregnant prevents harmful things from being exposed to the mother during the very important early weeks when the mom might not yet realize she is pregnant. During both of my pregnancies I was painting the house during the first few weeks due to not knowing I was pregnant yet. I was quite upset with myself. My sister-in-law had done quite a bit of drinking in her first weeks etc. This led both of us to then worry something might be wrong the whole pregnancy. It is nice to just be able to relax and know that you've been avoiding hazards well before conception.
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          Thank you very much! And yeah, when people tell me what their doctor said about nutrition, tend to inform them of that fact. It disgusts me. No preventative measures, just treat the issue with meds. SAD state of society...