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Need a breakfast idea!

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  • Need a breakfast idea!

    This will not be a workout day and I am stumped on breakfast.

    I am feeling crampy because it is that time of the month so I am skipping my workout.

    I dislike eggs, am tired of turkey/cheese/avo/kale roll ups. My smoothie is too carby for a non workout day. Really all I want is a glass of milk with protein powder, would that be too bad?

    I am working on building some muscle and losing BF and have been busting my butt and don't want to blow it before I check my BF tomorrow AM.

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    A salad?


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      If you want milk with protein powder, have milk with protein powder. But check your weight next morning - if you see a visible bulge, go for a non-dairy option next time.

      I like a cup of hot broth, so if that feels appealing have it on a standby

      Also, do you like fish? Canned or smoked salmon or sardines with fresh greens or sprouts are great for breakky. I also make tuna smoothies, with a couple of cans of tuna blended with egg whites, garlic and hot sauce for a super lean real protein shake. Shrimps with freshly made salsa is another fav of mine on non-carb days....

      Oh, and for super low carb smoothie, you can use a bunch of greens (spinach), celery, cucumber and tomato paste to thicken it with cilatro, lime and other spices (and egg whites for protein)...
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        Salad does not sound appealing at all....although I do have some chicken bone broth in the frig. That might just be perfect. I am sorting needing a comfort food this morning :-)

        Never thought about the dairy. I have a pretty iron gut and I don't think it bothers me however, something I should keep an eye on (scale wise) thanks for that tip.


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          Fruit with coconut milk / greek yogurt, honey, cinnamon?

          Also -
          Check out: Primal pancakes
          and: Primmeal
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            Leftover dinner. It's what's for breakfast.


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              One cup of high quality coffee with a tea spoon of coconut oil.


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                Nothing wrong with some delicious bacon, yum num yum.

                On my fairly sedentary days, I will honestly just have a cup of coffee and maybe a yogurt. Honestly it's enough to get me satisfied until the mid-afternoon (assuming I'm sitting most of the day).
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                  Non-workout day, you need fewer calories overall... So maybe IF? And just enjoy slightly larger meals later in the day?

                  Time to bust out the coffee or tea!
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