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I think my 12 year old may be diabetic...

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    Yep, the nurse said it was "one thing away from being diabetic," meaning the norm range starts at 5.7. See, I thought it was different (higher) for kids, but not according to the ped. That's why I want to go to a specialist.

    I know that my A1C was 5.8 last time and my endo said that was fine.

    I'm going to keep a record of what he's eating and do random finger pricks until our appt in July. Even though his fasting glucose was normal, the 2 hour post meals were high. I'll keep all that info and bring it with us to the endo.


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      There are conversion charts that allow you to see what the average glucose level is based on HbA1c results. Here are a few:
      Hb-A1c to Average Blood Glucose Conversion Table, in mg/dl and mmol/l
      Printable Diabetes Chart- Convert HbA1c to estimated Average Glucose(eAG)