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sooo....what did you have for breakfast ...???

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  • sooo....what did you have for breakfast ...???

    I had an avocado+banana+ one tbsp almond butter + cinnamon tea...
    how about you??

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    I never eat breakfast, but for lunch I wolfed down 8 ounces of brisket with 3 ounces of cheese melted into it. Finishing a cup of kimchi now.

    Edited to add: plus 4 little squares of 85% chocolate.
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      Stir fried some chopped sweet peppers and spinach, then poured two eggs whipped with heavy cream on top with a tsp of salt. Meantime two strips of bacon were popping away in the microwave and a cup of coffee brewing with added heavy cream and 5 gm of inulin. Oh, and half an avocado.

      Yep, this primal eating is tough but someone has to do it.
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        Made a crustless spinach quiche last night cause I'm always in a hurrying the morning. I roughly followed an recipe but added bacon, of course I think it was meant for 8 boyfriend and I ate most of it this morning

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        Yep, this primal eating is tough but someone has to do it.
        lol! I think this all the time!
        "...You sort of start thinking anything's possible if you've got enough nerve. -Ginny

        My story:


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          I had nothing. I almost never do these days.

          I usually eat just one meal a day now and I make it in the evening. I love eating this way. Very convenient not having to worry about preparing multiple meals a day or bringing food with me when I go out all the time.
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            3 strips bacon and 2 oz cream cheese.


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              2 strips of bacon, 3 fried eggs with a couple tbsp of pico de gallo and a multivitamin. Delicious!

              Now it's pear time.
              The above should be viewed as complete and utter nonsense.


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                coffee with coconut milk, salmon pate with lettuce leaves YUM

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                What am I doing? Depends on the day.


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                  X2 Boiled eggs with leftover Mushroom sauce (mushrooms and yogurt) & 1/2 pear
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                    For brunch I had 2 Scotch eggs with a baby dill pickle, a glass of natural milk from a local farm and a pureed frozen banana for dessert. For dinner I'm making chicken, mushroom, onion & pepper fajitas wrapped in lettuce.


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                      Lots of chocolate.
                      Dark chocolate and coffee, running through my veins...

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                        For brunch I had 6 pastured fried eggs, 8 oz of spinach, and a square of Lindt's 90% chocolate.


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                          today, a sausage link and 2 slices of bacon. and 2 cups of coffee with a dash of cocoa powder and almond milk.

                          mostly, my breakfast (or lack thereof) depends on what is left over after the kids eat breakfast ... if they eat it all, I just have an early lunch


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                            Well its 3:20pm now and I'll probably break-fast in about an hour with one pound of steak covered in one whole sauteed onion with butter, itilian seasoning, garlic, salt and pepper along with a small salad and small baked potato with sour creme and more butter.

                            Did a fasted tabata workout earlier so its just about time.


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                              2 egg avocado omelet, 2 strips bacon, mint tea