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What could be the reason for gaining this weight?

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  • What could be the reason for gaining this weight?


    Ive been a fan of PB for a while. Ive been on and off this WOE. but just recently, Ive been sticking to it. I dotn exactly eat 100% Primal but I work with what I can afford. since March 1st I lost 8 pounds. with steady weight loss of 2 lbs every week. but its been two weeks and I gained back 4 pounds and it wont go away. this is what my usual days look like:

    Im 28 year old female, 5'5, Start weight 3/1/13 - 158lbs, 3/28/13 - 150 lbs , 4/5/13 - 153 lbs
    Current weight 154 lbs

    small coffee with evaporated milk (some days)

    Breakfast: 3-4 boiled eggs with olive oil or mayonnaise

    lunch - lots of pork, veggies with butter

    snack - pecans (some days)

    Dinner - meat with cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise and tomatoes
    or meat and asparagus and green beans I only drink water

    I work out every day at 4pm

    I run 1.5 - 2 miles a day, usually takes me 22 minutes

    Saturdays I do bootcamp and that consists of lifting small weights/dips and so many different types of Squats that I can barely walk the next day.

    some days I crave chocolate and I slip up and eat a brownie or a zebra cake. I also go over board with the evaporated milk some days but always staying under 50 grams of carbs, and my worse days I dont go over 120 grams. But I have done this for the past month and still saw weightloss so I am wondering why it is causing me to gain now?

    Two weekends ago I had 2 slices of pizza and i gained 3 pounds back. when this happends it usually goes away immediately when i go back to my usual diet, but its been two weeks and scale has not budged.

    its not muscle mass because my pants fit tighter and I know all the weight gain is in my mid section. My legs do look nice and my thighs are getting firm.

    BUT WHY THIS BLOAT? if it was PMS it would have been gone by now. I guess my point is I have not changed anything that I regularly do but Ive been gaining.

    could i be doing chronic cardio?

    is it my love for cheese and dairy products?

    or could this be the monthly bloating that just decided to stay permanently this month.

    If any one can relate to my problem please help. Thank you all

    Im also on and i need friends.

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    Keto diet + anaerobics = heavy stress for most people. Eating a potato or banana after workout might remove the cake and pizza thoughts (why are these in the house?)

    Is the canned milk sweetened? Maybe experiment with coconut milk or grassfed cream/butter (blended), a bit more useful nutrients in those.
    Is the mayonnaise homemade? Refined fat is just as bad as refined carb.

    See if you can make it 2-4 weeks with ZERO exposure to refined oil/sugar/grain even if it means more unrefined carb or fewer workouts. You might be running yourself ragged.

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      Thanks and I dont have brownies at home but I will drive to get them when its that time of the month. I have kids and I occasionally have a few snacks around the house but I have learned not to indulge.

      I will look into making my own mayonnaise.


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        How about when you crave chocolate you buy yourself an 85% chocolate bar instead of a brownie?