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Medication and Primal diet

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  • Medication and Primal diet

    I've been Primal for almost a year now and have slowly started broaching the topic to my parents, who are 20+ years devoted to the vegetarian/soy milk/low fat whole grain diet (I know.) After explaining it to my dad, he seemed very interested. However, the problem is that he has been unable to eat animal products due to his medication. He has prostate cancer and is taking medication (I am not sure which kind) and as a result gets very sick whenever he tries to consume any kind of animal product, especially bite of salmon and he will throw up. Eggs don't seem to be a problem, but I know that it is very hard to do the primal diet without animal products. Any ideas on how to work around this, or similar experiences? Also: any ideas on how to convince a very stubborn and soymilk loving mother?

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    Firstly you can't force them, all you can do is be the best you can and if they decide to engage with you then discuss it, often the harder you push the harder people will resist.

    If your dad is keen, if he's willing to go with the eggs, that's a great start, just get the best pasture raised ones, then try some mild (beef?) stews and bone broths, these have a lot of nutrition and do not have strong flavours of straight meat.
    Re your mum, let her find her own way, leave some reading material around, but don't plaster the house with it, she needs to feel it is her choice.
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      A lot of people find their bodies adapt if they move onto animal foods slowly. It may not even be the medication at all, but the fact he hasn't eaten it for a while!

      As it stands, prioritize the meds. Grok would have died of any form of cancer he'd get. Therefore, omitting the meds is more "Paleo", but less "optimal". Sometimes omitting meds is a good idea after a while Paleo/Primal (my D3 deficiency in Winter is only minor, so I felt it's better to run a slight deficiency a few months and "brumate" than to take pills), but, if the problem is severe, prioritize the meds.
      Try slowly reintegrating animal products in milder and less fatty forms.
      Use coconut cream, almond-butter and other nut-based products to supplement fats and legumes (mostly green and soaked/sprouted) for extra protein as he transitions. You may find there's only eggs, some dairy and one or two lean meats he can eat and that he still needs to eat soaked legumes, so cycle them to work out which ones his body works best with (I used to LOVE lentils as a kid, but they cause dreadful reflux, so they're entirely banned now ).

      As for your mother: as Omni said, you can't force anyone to do anything.
      Link her to studies that show how non-fermented soy has a pseudo-estrogenic effect and to how women benefit from raising their testosterone. From there, there's not much you can do re: soy.
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