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Coconut milk refrigeration query

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  • Coconut milk refrigeration query

    Dear all,

    Firstly I hope everyone is well and enjoying life.

    I use creamed coconut plus boiling water to make coconut milk (200g biona organic creamed coconut plus 1l boiling water) as it is cheaper and bpa free however whenever I try and refrigerate this it slowly turns back to a solid - is there a way around this? I use coconut milk as a milk alternative as I don't have dairy so it would be great to have the convenience of it being ready to go in the fridge.

    Thanks in advance!


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    I think it's inevitable since it contains both oil and water. Most commercial coconut milk will use guar gum as a stabilizer for this reason.

    If I have a brand with no stabilizer, I pour it into an old 20 oz Perrier bottle (glass with airtight cap). Before use, I shake vigorously up and down (as if preparing to spray champagne) and it comes out creamy and nice.

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      Thanks PicklePete, enthusiastic shaking beforehand helps a little but over time it seems to solidify leaving all the fat in the solid part with a watery residue.