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    Well ive been eating primal for about 2 months, and with great results. I feel better have more energy and have lost weight steadily until now. Sure i have the occasional cheat, but i dont know if i need to cut some of my fruit out completely, or what. Some suggestion would be great. Thanks in advance.

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    How long has it been since you stopped losing weight?


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      Are you ingesting dairy? If so drop it other than butter and see what happens. For me, it totally destroyed my plateau!
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        Suki its been about two weeks
        lil earthmomma, once in a wwwwhhhhhiiiiillllleeee i might have a glass of milk, other than that the only dairy i eat is butter


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          Any idea of your calorie intake and needs? What's your height, weight, and age?


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            Try IFing if you haven't already. That's my favorite suggestion around here.


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              Definitely check micronutrients on fitday of nutritionfacts if you aren't absolutely sure you are getting optimal and complete nutrition. I don't think that in the absence of anything but complete nutritional sufficiency (especially iodine! We need more than anyone gets without kelp or a supplement) we can say anything about weight loss. It may seem like eating a lot of meat, eggs, fats and vegetables one would be covered by I constantly find myself having to supplement with certain minerals like magnesium, potassium and copper. The solution for me would of course be organ meats but I don't know if I'm willing to take that plunge just now.
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                Two weeks is not a stall. If you still haven't lost any more weight six weeks from now, then it's a stall. Right now I'd say your body is adjusting to your current weight and will eventually begin losing again.
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                  I second Griff. Our bodies aren't machines they do adapt and body changes will ebb and flow according to many things including hormonal adjustments going on.

                  You also may be building muscle and losing fat, which will change your body comp and not affect the scale.

                  I'd give it some time and take some measurements before making any big changes right away.
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                    Thanks very much, great suggestions, thanks so much this forum has got to be the best thing ever. At least in my mind it is. I think i may try the fasting, but can i do this on a work out day?


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                      Lots of good advice has already been given! Quick question: How much more weight do you think you need to lose? Maybe you're just getting close to your optimal size and that's why you've stopped shrinking.

                      Don't obsess about the scale. There are other questions you can ask yourself, like "Do I have lots of energy?" and "How loose are my pants?" Especially if you are putting on muscle, the scale may not tell the whole story.

                      Good luck! I hope this helps.


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                        Originally posted by Tnail View Post
                        Thanks very much, great suggestions, thanks so much this forum has got to be the best thing ever. At least in my mind it is. I think i may try the fasting, but can i do this on a work out day?

                        Fasted training:

                        Might wanna try some BCAA pre workout (as mentioned last in the other article as well)


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                          Man this is good stuff, George Clooney thanks for the links, very interesting and informative. As far as how many calories a day im around 1700-1800. Im not sure what my daily needs should be. My pants do fit looser, im not totally going by the scale, but i was dropping about 1.5 lbs. a week. My height is 5'9" my current weight is 231. Thanks again everyone for all the help. Oh and i have been using Fitday occasionally.