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4 days in..experiencing a few bumps in the road

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  • 4 days in..experiencing a few bumps in the road

    Hey guys,
    My name is Jay. I'm 27, 5'10, and about 170 lbs. Clearly I'm not going paleo to loose weight. I feel that paleo is the only way, regardless if your healthy or not. After learning about paleo I feel like most of America is poisoning theirselves. It's like putting diesel fuel into a car that runs on gas. People don't realize how dependent they are on refined sugar and other carb crammed foods. My first 2 days were great. I felt good, as usual, and figured this was going be easy. Then yesterday I went for a light jog and could barely finish my first lap. Im completely beat even after getting a decent nights sleep. Is it possible this diet is not for me?My buddies are trying to tell me paleo is just for loosing weight. I refuse to accept this. After reading what I did on this site and others like it I realized how terrible our everyday diets are. I just hope this feeling is temporary. Also, I'm having a very hard time finding the right food. I'm constantly on the run between work and school. Its very difficult to find the time to prepare meals with my on the fly lifestyle. I find myself eating out a lot and my options are very limited. This morning I messed up. I ordered an omelette that in pretty sure was prepared with butter and salt. I shouldn't have eaten it but it was the "healthiest" thing on the menu. Did I just hit the reset button and ruin everything I've done so far? I know it's only been 4 days but trust hasn't been easy. Did anyone have similar experiences? If so how long until you got the hang of it? It's amazing how saturated our society is with junk food.
    Thanks guys,

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    If you're reducing carbs a lot then athletics will be weird while you adapt. You can try primal starches like tubers, squashes, and plantains to support your individual training--they're much better than high-allergen high-fructose CW carbs.

    Meal planning is definitely important but it doesn't actually consume a lot of time. I think most of us can find a pocket of time on the weekend to boil eggs, roast meats and yams, mix some seafood salad, and cut veggies. On weekdays my only labor is filling my bento box for lunch and heating up dinner. Most vegetables can be cooked in <5 mins.

    An omelet cooked with butter and salt is a gold star choice! Much better than soybean or canola oil. IMO there is no reset button, just continuous learning and upgrading. Clean, thorough nourishment will influence every physical and mental aspect of your life.

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      Hi Jay,

      You're overthinking it.

      How difficult the beginning is typically correlates with what your previous eating was like. The more processed foods you ate prior to switching over will make the transition more difficult.

      During this transition period your body will release stored toxins and your metabolic systems will be trying to "find their way" on new forms of fuel (as you typically are restricting highly refined processed carbohydrates).

      You can't expect to feel or perform well during this stage of the game. The good news is that it's all going to balance out soon. You need to give this at least 30 days before you think any harder about it.

      In the meantime, if you don't feel as if you have any level of addiction or dependency to refined carbohydrates, consider adding in some rice or potatoes -- they should help your performance out.

      Your friends who say Paleo is only for weight loss are wrong.
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