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    Originally posted by ForgotMyOldUsername View Post
    Well you all scared the crap out of me sufficiently enough that I practically ran to my school's on-site doctor. They looked at the blisters and said it wasn't diabetes, but I insisted they test further, and a urine test came back negative.

    So that's a relief. They also took blood to check for any weird inflammatory diseases, but mostly they think it's probably poor shoes/sensitive feet/possibly fungal.

    Go to Walgreen's and buy the cheapest blood glucose monitor they ahev and as many test strips as you can afford. Then start testing your FBG and post-meal blood glucose for a while. That should set your mind at ease.


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      Originally posted by ForgotMyOldUsername View Post
      ...mostly they think it's probably poor shoes/sensitive feet/possibly fungal.
      When I was in my 20s I developed a weird sensitivity to synthetic socks and shoe materials. I had burning, itchy spots on my feet. Went away as soon as I started wearing cloth or leather shoes with natural fiber socks.


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        Good for you for going to the doc. Diabetes is something that should be tested for routinely anyway, since it's relatively a "silent disease" for a long time. I have an acquaintance that got a routine test recently - his blood sugar came back at 1200. Yes, 1200. They don't know why he was even conscious, let alone able to walk and talk.
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          Well it's good you went, because even if it isn't diabetes, any skin problem that's gone on for a's time to go to a doctor.

          Now I have some good news and some bad news:
          The bad news - they probably just did the urine test to shut you up, because while glucosuria is a classic marker of type 1 diabetes, it isn't always present in type 2 diabetes. A random or fasting blood sugar test, a1c test, or oral glucose tolerance test is a better indicator.
          The good news - if they said the sores didn't look like diabetes, there's a good chance they're right. Diabetes ulcers are usually pretty distinctive.

          Food ulcerations and wound healing problems tend to be a marker of advanced diabetes, so it could very well be something else. Is there another reason you think you have diabetes?

          I will also echo that, if you're concerned, there's no reason you can't monitor your own blood sugar if you're willing/able to purchase the monitor and supplies on your own.
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            If you are a student, you should watch for health fairs. They're usually around a lot.

            They can do a fingerstick and check your blood glucose. It would be best to be fasting, but at least know how long it's been since you've eaten.

            Your blisters must really look like plain old blisters if they didn't even do a fingerstick. that's good

            Keep your feet clean and dry and give them a little extra attention every day.


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              Here are my results so far... I've yet to do the third test but I'll update later when I have.
              Fasting blood sugar, 8:40am. 82 mg/dL
              One hour after eating ~50g carbs, 9:54... 136 mg/dL

              From what I've read, if I stay below 140 mg/dL after the first hour, and under 120 mg/dL after the second hour, I'm normal.
              I should only be in the diabetic range if I jump above 200 mg/dL at any time. Does this sound right? I'll update with my second hour result in a little while.


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                Final blood glucose reading (2 hours after high-carb meal): 79 mg/dL

                thoughts? sounds more like hypoglycemia than diabetes...


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                  Your readings are perfect! Hopefully you didn't spend too much money, but it should be worth it for peace of mind.

                  You only get a bit of the picture taking readings on the hour, if you take them every 15 minutes, you'll see a better indication of what's actually going on.

                  If I do them at 15 minute increments after eating 1 full pound of potato, I see this:

                  FBG - 90, Eat potato, 15 min reading - 115. Then every 15 minutes for 3 hours: 115, 145, 199 (1 hour post prandial), 154, 136, 110, 89 (2hours after eating), 74, 81, 83, 89 (3 hour point).

                  So you can see your BG will rise and then fall, even fall too far, that is OK. It should level out at the 3 hour and beyond point around where your fasting BG was.

                  In your case, If you had eaten your carbs and seen this: Fasting level: 145, 1 hours after eating - 225, 2 hours after - 225, 3 hours after - 200. Then you have a problem!

                  FBG should be under 120, preferably 85-95. Spikes over 145 are thought to be bad, but if they are immediately brought down by your own insulin--it's fine. Prolonged (like all day long) BG over 145 is a bad sign.

                  You can now beging to see why SAD eating of sugary snack foods all day long is so bad for the health. If you have high BG because you are eating sugar all the time, your body dumps insulin all day long and you become resistant to it. That is the start of a life of hell.


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                    Your blood sugar levels seem perfectly normal.

                    It doesn't seem like there's any signs you're diabetic.
                    Your food problems could be a lot of things. If it was a heavy burning and itching, it could be an allergic reaction or a fungal infection.
                    The blisters could also be just because your shoes don't fit right. Even if they don't feel painful it can happen.


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                      Dealing with some inflammation and itching on my toes for the past few months, doctor told me to see a dermatologist. It always takes forever to get an appointment with one. I tried an antibiotic and an anti-fungal and can't get rid of this thing. What has worked best: being barefoot as often as possible, shoes with large toe boxes (just got Merrell barefoot pace shoes, they are awesome), and doing daily soaks in hot water with epsom salt, tea tree oil, and a splash of raw ACV. I apply tea tree oil at least twice a day and then a light amount of lotion (coconut oil would be good too) to rub it in. After doing this regularly for a week, it seems like everything is finally clearing up!
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                        Um...this phrase you used "...when I cheat with large amounts of sugar." Eating a primal meal, you are allowed high amounts of tasty fat and protein. One of the most telling things for me was that, when I get sufficient fat, I don't WANT sugar. Yes, go see a doctor, the others have lectured enough, but what is this cheating you speak of and why are you doing it?


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                          these blood sugars may be normal but they aren't healthy. The lower your blood sugar (within reason) the better. Switching to a low carb paleo regimen and not over consuming protein puts you into a ketogenic state at least part of the time and gets your blood sugars much lower and seems to have many healing benefits.


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                            Even though you don't have diabetes, to be on the safe side learn all you can about it anyway. Read Ray Peat; he says to minimize/eliminate PUFAs (all omega 3 & 6 fats) and starches:
                            Diabetes, scleroderma, oils and hormones