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  • questions on marks cholesterol write up

    One of the paragraphs from How to Read a Cholesterol Test | Mark's Daily Apple has me a little confused:
    Once oxidized, LDL particles are taken up by the endothelium Ė a layer of cells that lines the inside of blood vessels Ė to form atherosclerotic plaque so they donít damage the blood vessel. This sounds bad (and is), but itís preferable to acutely damaging the blood vessels right away.

    How do pre-atherosclerotic LDLs damage blood vessels? Is he referring to "oxidized LDLs = free radicals" that are unstable so seek out and steal electrons from the molecules that make up the cells of the tissue that lines the blood vessels?

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    Try have a read of some of their write ups, very informative, plenty of links:
    Blood Lipids and Infectious Disease, Part II | Perfect Health Diet
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