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    Last weekend I had a bit of a "CW relapse" (for lack of a better term) that included two days of serious binge drinking and consequently three days of terrible eating (fast food and all). In the past, I've noticed that when I'm in my normal level of primal diet/exercise (>90%) and I have maybe one night a month where I drink pretty heavily and maybe eat a slice or two of pizza, I'll bounce back the next day (albeit with a normal hangover) and it's almost like it never happened. However after this 3 days set back, (no alcohol in 3 days, strictly primal eating for 2 days) I'm still feeling incredibly sluggish. I know it's probably just going to take some time for my body to recover and readjust but I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips to jump start the process. Maybe a juice cleanse or something (I've never done one before but I feel like I need to clean myself out), maybe some type of fasting?

    Any suggestions would be really helpful, I need to finish this semester out and I picked a terrible time for this setback!

    22 year old male in Pittsburgh. Primal since 9/12.

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    I do a ton of cardio the next day to deplete my glycogen stores, then just start eating normally like I usually do.
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      I should also add that I have gotten terrible sleep the last two nights. Not sure why but its definitely a contributing factor.
      22 year old male in Pittsburgh. Primal since 9/12.


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        The day(s) after can be brutal. I agree with Damiana...I'd eat 100% clean, lay off all sugar, drink a ton of water, lift and get a good cardio/sweat session to deplete the glycogen, trigger endorphins and try and "clean" the system. It is always brutal during but very much worth it later in the day and will help you sleep. I always found day two is the worst.