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  • Questions about my primalness

    I started experimenting with this about one month ago. I have read the book and blogs. I definitely have been through a lot in terms of weight (ups and downs) the classic yo-yo story. I am young and strong but am not at an ideal body composition. This time last year I was doing research at 20,000 ft. and lost a lot of weight mainly muscle but a good 15-20 lbs. I returned home with E. Coli of sorts and took a few weeks to recover. Then the weight came on fast and my diet was no good. I gained all the weight back in the form of fat while running 3.5 - 7 miles 4 days a week, intense. Then I did a low cal, low fat protein diet and lost 10 and felt good. It snuck back up. My point is all this in a year. Not healthy.
    I don't eat processed food and I do exercise. However all the yo-yoing before the protein diet involved plenty of carbohydrates. So I have only gained weight in the last 3 wks of eating high fat and low carb. I did get a bit crazy on the calorie side of things because everything is so nutrient dense. So I'm working on just three meals a day and kicking up the strength workouts. Im a 27 yr. old female, 5'10" about 168lbs and 26 % B.F. I don't know if I should keep going, I want to but I don't want to go too far in the wrong direction. i look and feel great at 150lbs nice and strong.
    My question is whetheror not this is normal in the beginning. Does the body have to turn over enzymes and change the way it digests foods once given nutrients it had been deprived of for so long? I was told not to count calories and use instinct, perhaps I just eat too much? It's easy to go over 50g of carbs when eating nuts and veggies, I'm now aware of that. Some dairy, only high fat and low carb/sugar.
    I just want to feel right and perhaps some guidance and encouragement would be nice. I was hoping to hear this is normal and if I live primal with exercise a magic swicth will flip on and the pounds will start to melt off! I ache and get stiff when I weigh this much and it makes my workouts no fun. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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    There's no silver bullet here. There's a pretty good chance your body needs to recover from the last year but you're young and our bodies are more resilient than we give them credit for in our 20s.

    My opinion - when you're coming off of the low fat / high carb / low cal CW, you're going to go a little crazy at the prospect of being able to eat all the fat and protein you want. Fact is, if your carbs aren't low enough, if you're a little insulin resistant and / or if you're not creating enough of a deficit, you're not going to lose weight. Track for a week on FitDay just to get an idea of what you're actually eating and what percentage of that is fat / protein / carbs. When I went primal, I *thought* I was eating around 1800 calories a day. A week of tracking on FitDay told me I was averaging well over 2600.

    We're the same height and I went primal 5 years ago weighing 190 lbs (with 28% body fat). I've been at 148-152 and 17% body fat since.

    A couple tips: watch it with the nuts. I cut them out completely while losing. Even now, I only really eat walnuts and only really for the Omega-3s. Try an IF - I can't tell you how instrumental they were in reigning in my calories (to the point that I stopped tracking them). Eat a lot of fat - 70% of your calories should come from good fats.

    Losing weight is hard. And it's not all that fun. And you have to want it more than you want cake and ice cream - at least 99% of the time.


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      Thanks Suki, that was really helpful. And your stats are encouraging. I did go overboard with nuts. I will only eat them if Im in a pinch now and I bet you're right, that alone will drop caloric consumtion by a couple hundred and carbs by 20grams daily. I eat eggs in the morning with a bit of veg and cheese. Roasted chickens a few days a week (with skin!). Wild about crok pots (I call it my grok pot) and beef stews and have been experimenting with different cuts of meat. Usually have a small salad with meat and a Redwood Hills Plain Goat yogurt for lunch at work. I drink a lot of teas and everynow and then coffee with cream. I jones for fruit but have been laying off. Any opinions out there on coconut milk? And my dairy consumption?

      When you are used to eating low fat you are also used to eating way more. So I just need to deal with that, no secrets there. But everyone needs to find what works for them and their own niche in the PB and I personally HAD to post here I was feeling so lost and bummed out. Thanks again, Ive literally spent hours in Marks's archives and that was minutes : )


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        No problem! That's what we're here for!

        As for the coconut milk - I just made this awesome shrimp curry that called for a can of coconut milk. I split it with my boyfriend and that means I just had 7 oz of the stuff (plus copious amounts of coconut oil). That's 500 calories in the CM alone. Add to that the shrimp, coconut oil, half a yam, 2 eggs, 3 slices of bacon, half an avocado, a few handfuls of salad greens and a can of sardines (Suki and her sardines...) and you don't even break 1500 calories. Just under. And that's a lot of food. THAT is why you don't have to count calories.

        Once you start adding dairy (other than heavy cream, cheese and butter), fruit and nuts - that number gets a little out of control and it's really, really easy to overeat. If you're doing ok with that yogurt, then fine - leave it. But I'd get it out of there as the fat/protein/carb ratio isn't optimal. If you need fruit - buy a bag of frozen berries to keep around. The quicker you get rid of that itch, the better off you'll be. A lot of people will disagree with me but we don't get a whole lot from fruit that we couldn't get from veggies - without the sugar. Also, I noticed that I only get the cravings when I'm not eating enough fats.


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          I will second the suggestion to try IF. For me, my IFing is my favorite tool in shedding fat and still make sure that I have enough nutrients to nourish my body. It takes some discipline and getting used to of course as well.
          I would also recommend leaving dairy alone for a while if while you're trying to lose. You really don't need it and it can get in the way of your goals.


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            I will have to get better at IF'ing with time. Right now I just eat an early dinner 4:30-5pm and by increasing time between dinner and breakfast I am more comfortable with not eating for over 12 hrs. I'll get there. And yes, deep down inside I know I should part with my cream and brie's even though they're minimal. I also eat cottage cheese which has been feeling horrible lately.
            My next question, Suki said to shoot for 70% healthy fats. I checked out and today my stats were: 63% fat, 29% protein, 8% carb.
            I'm 168lbs and I ate 153 grams of fat and protein and 45 carbs in 2000 calories. It was a bit too much food and I'm feeling that now but is this the right idea?


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              I think that's the right idea. Post what you ate - the kind people here will be happy to tell you what they think you're doing wrong.


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                I had 4 eggs and 4oz of salmon at 5:30am. Mixed greens and broccoli with roasted chicken drizzled in olive oil at 12pm. Avocado, olive oil, coconut milk at 4. And 3 eggs with bison burger and veg with parmesan at 7. Weird schedule today and should've skipped the midafternoon meal. Coffee with cream in the morning as well.