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    Hey guys- does anyone have any Thoughts on eating the core pro bar for a snack. They are a really great way for me to feel full during my workday, but I'm afraid I'm eating the carbs I am trying not to at by eating this bar. Any thoughts here? Thanks!

    ProBar, Core, The 20 g Protein Bar, Cookie Dough, 12 Bars, 2.46 oz (70 g) Each -

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    Soy protein isolate, organic tapioca syrup, organic agave syrup, organic dried cane syrup, fractionated palm kernel oil, glycerine, organic agave inulin, high oleic safflower oil, omega blend (flaxseed, chia seed), unsweetened chocolate, sugar, natural flavor, organic rice protein concentrate, tapioca starch, cocoa, organic soy protein concentrate, salt, cocoa (processed with alkali), molasses, soy lecithin, cocoa butter, gum arabic, rosemary extract, tocopherols added to protect flavor, citric acid, ascorbic acid.

    There really isn't much in there that is worth eating, honestly. Even without the 6(!) different kinds of sugar, its packed with concentrated plant proteins and soy. Also safflower oil.
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      Thx peppermint! Do you have any suggestions for bars that might be more real without carbs?


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        If you read the labels on the different flavors of Questbar, there are a few where artificial sweeteners are the only truly offensive ingredients. I don't eat them, but if I felt the need to, I'd pick these above most of the available options. Far above the one you mentioned.
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          If you need a bar-shaped thing while traveling the cleanest option is probably Larabar but paying 2 dollars for 2 bites of dried fruit is pretty meh.

          My experience:
          As my meals became better formulated and nourishing, snacks fell off the radar. If I eat at work I try to keep it protein centered, e.g. boiled egg or seafood salad in a bento box with raw or pickled vegetables and maybe some berries, clementine, or grapefruit. Sometimes I'll bake muffin-shaped blobs with egg, spinach, and mushrooms or minced/shredded meat.

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            Originally posted by Espdenver View Post
            Thx peppermint! Do you have any suggestions for bars that might be more real without carbs?
            I suggest beef jerky, or a baggie of macadamia nuts if it has to be small and portable. Almonds if macs are too pricey. I like to splurge for them sometimes though.


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              Grass-Fed/Sugar Free Beef Jerky, Sugar Free Turkey or Fish Jerky, Hard Boiled Eggs, Grilled Burgers or Chicken Breasts - These are my "protein bars" - All you need is to wrap em up in tin foil and you're good to go!


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                These are the best bars I have found. They aren't super high in protein but the ingredient list is tough to beat for a bar...

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