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    I got my lipid panel check through the university health center. The nurse seems worried and told me to cut out egg yolks all together. Here's the results and what was supposed to be normal range. She said nothing about LDL particle size, which is quite important from what I understand.

    Me "normal"
    Total 259 125-200
    HDL 87 >40
    Trigs. 132 <150
    LDL 146 <130

    I wasn't planning on changing my diet in reaction to this test. Does everything seem ok here? (I'm 21)

    EDIT: More info. I eat a VLC, high saturated fat diet (avg. 65/30/5) consisting of mostly cruciferous veggies, beef, lamb, fatty fish,bone marrow, liver almost every week, and a couple dozen eggs every week (up to 8/day). (I also supplement with a few g of fish oil). I'm 6ft 155lbs and I'd guess 12% body fat. I walk a lot and do bw exercise. I've never felt better
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    It's kind of difficult to say anything meaningful without knowing the LDL subfractions. That could be any combination of types but I'm guessing that they are the large fluffy kind that don't oxidze and penetrate the endothelium. Your HDL is quite good so you can politely tell her to stuff it. It being some eggs yolks down her windpipe.

    All in all if you are keeping your inflammation low and avoiding things that cause a lot of free radical damage, perhaps consuming some effective antioxidants, getting great nutrition and exercising, you have nothing to worry about.
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      A little surprised the trigs are that high. Do you take fish oil?


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        Critical missing info: how long have you been eating this way?


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          Originally posted by vaughny View Post
          A little surprised the trigs are that high. Do you take fish oil?
          Yeah I take a few grams daily. Is this why the trigs are higher?
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            I've been eating primal for about a year and VLC for 6 months.


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              I'm not a doctor so I would get proper informed advice, but this is how I would read the results if they where my own. Apart from the numbers you need to look at the ratios:

              HDL 87 >40

              According to 2004 guidelines, an HDL level of 60 or above is protective against heart disease, and below 40 makes you vulnerable to it.

              Trigs. 132 <150

              Your triglyceride level will fall into one of these categories:
              Normal: less than 150 mg/dL
              Borderline-High: 150–199 mg/dL
              High: 200–499 mg/dL
              Very High: 500 mg/dL

              Yours is normal but I would expect it to be lower if you are eating low carb/sugar. 50-70 seems to be typical of a lot of people I know who are primal.

              Having low trigs e.g 50 mg/dl would be better and would mean that your LDL would mostly be of the neutral sort rather than the small LDL.

              LDL 146 <130

              Seems on the high side, a VAP test would confirm this by direct measurement and tell you how much of each type of LDL you have.

              Total / HDL = 259/87 = 2.97

              Reports from the Framingham Heart Study suggest that for men, a total cholesterol-to-HDL ratio of 5 signifies average risk for heart disease; 3.4, about half the average risk; and 9.6, about double the average risk. Women tend to have higher HDL levels, so for them, a ratio of 4.4 signifies average risk; 3.3 is about half the average; and 7, about double. If you have a high level of total cholesterol, it may be less alarming if your total-to-HDL ratio is low.

              Trig/HDL = 132 / 87 = 1.51

              Therefore, in adults, the triglyceride/HDL-"good" cholesterol ratio should be below 2 (just divide your triglycerides level by your HDL).
              Or more precisely, the triglyceride/HDL ratio:
              2 or less is considered ideal
              4 - high
              6 - much too high

              LDL/HDL = 146 / 87 = 1.678

              The ideal ratio of LDL to HDL is 4.3 or lower. 4.4 to 7.1 is average. 7.1 to 11 is moderate. 11 or more means you're at high risk for developing heart disease. The ratio of LDL to HDL is considered to be a marker of carotid plaque, or how much plaque you have built up in your arteries.

              Edit: And I would also recommend you read this for more info:
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                I really appreciate the info. This clears up a lot of things. I suspect some of these numbers will change in the coming months as I continue the high fat/low carb eating. The nurse said she wanted to see my panel again before the end of the semester, though she thinks I'll stop eating eggs. Would the numbers change much in one month?


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                  No, probably not. Tell her you'll be back in three months (and don't cut out the eggs!).
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