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Missing meals/intermittent fasting

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    I've been doing this as well most days especially during the week but the opposite time table. I am not a night eater at all but since I wake up and workout fasted I find I get hungry early. I will have some eggs or a shake(fruit and veggies with wanter) in the morning and a big lunch around 2 and I'm good for the day. Works for me


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      I skip a lot of typical mealtimes but I don't think it works if you're anxiously watching the clock hands tick away.

      My approach:
      • learning how to not eat when I'm not hungry is a crucial and surprisingly difficult skill to develop
      • fed and fasted hormone states are profoundly different and meant to be in balance. If I'm eating/growing for more than 12 hours then I have fewer than 12 hours to recede/repair and this is bad. Shorter feeding periods might undo some of this badness.

      My peculiar nutrition glossary and shopping list