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Help please....Need to lower triglycerides and having trouble losing weight

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  • Help please....Need to lower triglycerides and having trouble losing weight

    I've been eating Primal mostly for several months and I'm having trouble. I'm a female in my mid 60's with very high triglycerides. I'm hoping that being stricter with this Way of eating will solve this problem! If you've had success lowering your triglycerides, or have suggestions for me I'd really appreciate it. I don't consume sugar, dairy or wheat/gluten. I have 30-40 lbs to lose, and a class reunion in June. Thanks!!!

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    Are you losing weight? If so, stick with what you are doing. If not, try intermittent fasting. Forget the triglyceride issue until after you have been at your goal weight for a few months.


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      Get moving, especially exercise following a fast of at least 12 hours but ideally 16 as this will help burn fat

      keep those carbs way down for a while and add fat to everything you eat to keep blood sugar stable

      walk,cycle, row, rebound lots! triglycerides will come down as you lose weight, get moving steadily and increase the volume

      got a dog? get out and walk its ass off morning noon and night

      let us know how you go


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        Thanks, Katherine.....I only lost 4 obs and now have stopped losing. I will look at intermittent fasting and see of that helps. I am an apple shape, typical of those with high Cholesterol and high triglycerides. Getting pressure from my Dr. to go on a prescription and I keep resisting so I HAVE to make this work!


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          GREAT suggestions, Katsuhiko! I knew exercise was key, but I also know I haven't been doing enough. I have been cleared by my Physical Therapist to walk tons, and thanks for the info about the rebounder.....I HAVE ONE!


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            I AM a PT by training!

            rebounding is awesome and will burn loads

            a nice trick if you are not in ketosis is to eat fat only for 2 or 3 days (heavy cream, eggs with lots of butter etc) as this should deplete any carb stores and get you going

            do not forget to drink enough water, green tea can help by too


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              I a grateful for your suggestions and support! Good tips on getting back into ketosis....i will try that. Since you are a PT you know that left back and shoulder injury (from car accident) shouldn't be bothered by walking and rebounding! I'm so excited that you reminded me of the effectiveness of the rebounder. Thank you too, for the reminders, too, on water and green tea. I have cut my coffee consumption that last month down to 1-2 cups a day. (but it's strong). I guess, for now, I have to give up the wine and/or tequila, right?


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                I would advise cutting all alcohol if you are serious about making your GW and lowering triglycerides

                I personally do not see coffee as an issue as long as you don't add sugar or sweetener - add whipped cream if you must

                but green tea will support fat burning especially during IF days and walking, rebounding

                it's my pleasure o help in any way as helping people improve their health is both my profession and my passion


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                  OK, then I have cut out the alcohol I want to see how much weight I can lose THE HEALTHY WAY by June 7th and have a healthy lipid test! Then continue to maintain for life!

                  I think I was just missing the support, and now I have it, thankfully! Do you have a favorite type of Green tea, or do you do the drops? Also, what are "IF days"? I should know, but I don't!


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                    I buy green tea (or extract, just as good ) and ginseng online, you only need tiny doses really

                    I add one drop of peppermint oil from time to time, it is really a strong stimulant so be careful

                    Buy Matcha Hikari (Green Tea Powder) online and in London
                    Green Tea | Green Tea Extract Powder | Green Tea for Weight Loss
                    The Greatest Ginseng on Earth!

                    I would say you can have a glass of wine for sure in the future when you are all functioning properly, just committing now will help reach that state more rapidly

                    IF = intermittent fasting, which you should read up on


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                      I'm very excited about the gensing and the Green Tea Powder. I'll have to check to see if I can get here in the States. i appreciate all the links! I will read up on the IM in Mark's book (s)......thanks!

                      I knew what you were saying on the alcohol was true.....I just kept off eliminating it from my diet. It's time.

                      Now if you could fix my dental pain, I'd be good to go!

                      Should I count calories, too?


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                        No don't count calories, I never have, just follow the plan and don't over eat, just get that nice satisfied feeling and keep the useless carbs down while keeping the fat up

                        Can you describe your dental pain? There are various issues in the skull that can cause pain.


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                          This is the ginseng I buy

                          The Best Ginseng on the Planet


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                            I'm going to order the gensing and look for the Matcha green tea here.

                            Dental.....I cracked a tooth, so it's just that tooth that causing the right side of my face to hurt. upsetting, because I don't feel root canals are safe, and I'm afraid that's what my dentist will want to do.



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                              you're very welcome, I've book marked this thread and will return to see if you have updated

                              be interested to follow your progress, as in my first reply though...

                              get outside and get moving. You're in Montana? Got to have some awesome outdoor space to 'move around a lot' in.

                              Tell you what, a 2 hour hike first thing in the morning, right after sunrise, after a fast of 16 hours from lunch the previous day, followed by a delicious meal with some beautiful meat, butter, eggs and greens will make your genes go crazy!