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Help please....Need to lower triglycerides and having trouble losing weight

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    That's a great idea to fast starting at noon.....makes it much easier!!! Drink tons of water and that's it during.....right?

    Yes I live on the side of a Mountain here in NW Montana so the hiking is good. Going to buy bear spray (for the mountain lions, too) and then all I have to be concerned about is the ticks.....they are out already!!!

    I want to mark this thread do I do that? I definitely want to stay in touch!


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      in your browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox etc) you will have a function called something like favourites, bookmarks or some such

      In chrome, there is a little star on the address bar, if you click on that it will ask you to save the page - you can give it a name so you can remember. If in doubt, go to Youtube and search for 'How to Bookmark a Web Page'

      Then when you want to come back, you go to your saved list and there are all your bookmarks.

      If that proves too tricky, copy and paste the full web address and send it to yourself in an e-mail and save the e-mail in a folder


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        PERFECT! I "starred it" in Chrome and also emailed it to myself!

        Thank you!


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          very cool

          now you can create new folders in chrome bookmarks and save all your favourite sites in categories

          suppliers, blogs, news, shopping sites... whatever you are into

          and whenever you click on a link to a new site you can 'star it', put in a folder and come back to it any time


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            The mistake I made was not creating folders, so I need to take a weekend, and go through ALL of them!

            I re-read one of your emails and realized I'd been buying Organic but, saw that it needs to be grass fed. I'm getting some Elk from my son and looking for a rancher where he and I can buy a quarter of beef. I buy Organic eggs at Costco, but I will be able to get them from a rancher soon too....only thing is that I don't know if them feed the chickens grains. Trying to find fish that came from Alaska.....NOT China!


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              you can create folders within folders too

              so you could have a Primal Folder, inside which there are folders for 'research articles', 'online suppliers', 'fitness', 'recipes' and any other category, the you might have other top level folders with categories inside

              yes make sure they are not fed grains of course but that wild meat is the best - here I get wild game birds, rabbits and venison from the Elveden Forest just down the road (they are culling the wild deer because they have over populated and are destroying the trees). So eat plenty of that Elk. Great source indeed


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                According to Dayspring (an expert on lipids) the most effective way to lower triglycerides is a low carb diet. By low carb I mean starting at 20 gm/day for a couple of weeks, then gradually adding in a few until weight loss stops. It's the classic Atkins approach, updated. Worked for me, cut mine in HALF in a few weeks. There's a lot of unnecessary worry about very low carb diets out there; they are the most effective for weight loss according to the A to Z trial in 2007 and also had the best results on blood chemistries.
                10/2/12: 169 lbs, 37"waist
                Now: low 150's, 33" waist


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                  yes I agree and as I've been saying, keep those carbs right down and even do no carbs for a few days if you need to get in ketosis, then keep it low whilst trying to lose weight and lower triglycerides


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                    Thank you.......that's how I am eating, now and am down 4 lbs. I will keep you posted.....thanks for the help!


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                      Thanks, Katsu......I'm felling better, and looking for more sources of grass fed. Even my local Safeway now carries grass fed ground beef!


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                        That's what I am doing and it weems to be working, because I'm down 4 lbs