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  • Let's keep it easy fellas

    My eating day consists basically in this:

    Breakfast : 2 egg omellete cooked in butter sometimes with some veggies,meat,or cheese. most times with nothing. ( some days i dont eat anything, or eat just a fruit or some milk)

    lunch: Some nice steak grilled with a tbspoon of butter all over it with a lot of veggies. mostly broccoli, carrots, onions, tomatoes, chilli, lettuce, etc. with a nice amount of olive oil on top.

    5 - 6 pm : most times nothing, other days some milk or a fruit.

    dinner : again meat with beggies.

    is this ok? i used to play basketball almost every day 2 months ago, but when i started primal i got sick , and then i got hurt so i didn't play a lot. last friday i went to play and after one hour of light play i was tired. do i need more carbs? when?

    if i eat say a banana 1 hr before playing, will that be enough? will that stop me from entering ' fat burning mode' or just by eliminating grains and sugar and eating good food is enough?. i have no fucking idea of how carbs im eating a day, its really tedious to count, mostly because there is no damn nutritional label in a carrot.

    so yeah... that. im trying to loose weight. am i going the right way? do i need to change something? should i count for one week and see how many carbs/fats/proteins im eating? i also do some body weight exercises twice a week
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    any prolonged physical activity is going to require carbs for optimal performance.
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      got it. a fruit an hour before is ok?


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        Fruit is awesome (sweet potatoes, too) if you're consistently active. Eat some!
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          You can use ketosis as your secret weapon like more and more marathon runners are starting to do these days.

          Or, you can eat come carbs, yeah. I'd start with maybe a banana or half a sweet potato and if that's not enough to get you going then you can bump it up a notch.
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            have some coconut handy when you're playing sport - instant energy! without the carbs