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    Just wondering what you know about diet and healthy hair. My hair seems more unhealthy in the last year than it ever has. It more dry and brittle. Not sure if it's due to environment, diet, age, or what. Would like to hear your thoughts about why this could be or what you feel or know helps hair stay and grow healthy.

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    The body's natural ability to repair supporting connective tissue, including hair, diminishes after the age of 25. Gelatin, being rich in collagen will help rebuild these connective tissue structures.

    So, gelatin, biotin, zinc, copper, sugar to improve circulation, vitamin e to inhibit FFAs and iron.

    I use copper peptides in my hair for brittleness and discoloration. Within a few applications I was able to add a lot more buoyancy and shine to my hair.
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      Hair can begin to change as we grow older.
      What has worked for me to get a strong shine was starting a high fruitarian way of eating. Now I'm doing some cooked, higher fat, with animal foods and people are still envious over my hair.
      I would say healthy fats help but when I was doing fruitarian super low fat & juicing veggies my hair looked amazing.
      I know this high raw food fruitarian educational speaker who made a comment that her experiment with increasing nuts and avocados helped her hair tremendously. It grew a lot thicker and nicer.
      Just have a good whole food diet.

      Could it be a new hair product too? Are you straightening it a lot (burning)? Do you shower with hot water?
      warm and hot water leaves my hair less shiny. Try washing your hair under very cold water and keep your body out of the way if you don't like cold water. I blow dry it with the drier at a short distance so my hair doesn't get too hot with the warm air.
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        I do straighten my hair, but have gone back to curly for awhile and just don't like it... maybe when it's long it will be okay curly, but for now I think I want to go back to straight. I wonder if certain straighteners are better than others for helping to keep hair healthy? Certain protective products? I use Redken All Soft shampoo and conditioner. What are Copper peptides? I don't eat much fruit, but seem to be getting the advice on different threads to add fruit to my diet.


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          Copper peptide GHK-Cu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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            Inadequate protein and fat are the most important reasons hair grows unhealthy. I have seen many women on low-fat vegetarian or vegan diets wondering what happened to their long hair, but unable to consider that their diet may be an issue.

            Heat treatment, chemical treatment, and rough handling are endemic in our beauty-oriented culture. I think micro-nutrients are not generally important except in unusual health situations.

            It is normally the case that hair growth varies seasonally. Once your hair is damaged, there is nothing you can do to "repair" it. Most "protective" products merely mask damage. Most kewl-sounding additives are merely marketing gimmicks.


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              I'm definitely not lacking protein or fat... have been primal for 2 1/2 years so that is what my diet is based on.


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                Originally posted by healthy11 View Post
                I'm definitely not lacking protein or fat... have been primal for 2 1/2 years so that is what my diet is based on.
                Heat-treating the hair and harsh products are my guess. Unfortunately, we are conditioned to want hair that does things our own hair doesn't do. The goal is to convince all women that they need to spend hundreds of dollars a month on salon treatments instead of finding a style that works with their hair type.

                My hair is fine with zero body. If I permed it and put all sorts of products in it to give it body, I'd have to use strong shampoo to get it clean. And it would be in wretched shape. So I just let it hang loosely or braid it.