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  • Caged-Hens/Mass-Production Eggs

    Hi, I feel like this topic has been covered many times but I still don't seem to have a clear insight of the whole egg business!

    Low-budget university student from the UK

    Caged hens eggs here is easily 2x or more cheaper than any other sort of eggs such as free-range/organic and I would go through close to a dozen of eggs a day.

    I would just like thoughts of how good/bad mass-production eggs are, surely they still provide more benefits than harm?

    Any suggestions welcomed! (also new to forums hi everyone )


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    They are pretty dang horrible to be honest. These chickens dont get to move let alone get exercise. They are fed cheap gmo grain and soy beans, probably worse stuff as well. And all this is concentrated in the egg.

    I would actually advise you not to eat more then a few a day if you cant afford pastured eggs. The amount of omega 6 is just too high. Also remember that organic does not mean anything good when it comes to eggs. Only free range and even then try to buy them from small local farms if possible.

    Check craigslist for locals selling eggs, man up and spend the $4 a dozen or invest in a different sort of animal product.


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      Over here the nomenclature is tricky. You can call chickens cage-free when they are jammed into one big cage (warehouse) as long as it has an open door for them to go outside. The chickens never go outside, of course, because they are either afraid, can't figure it out or for some other reason, most likely because there isn't any food outside. The difference in appearance, taste and nutrition of truly pastured vs organic cage-free eggs is quite substantial.


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        I've been buying local free range for a few months now (at 3.50 for 18) and it has truly ruined my tolerance for factory eggs. I was at my girlfriends house yesterday and she made me 3 fried eggs, but she buys the cheapest ones available. The yokes were neon yellow and sickly looking and it was all I could do to choke them down. The flavor is just off, and it truly gives me nausea to eat the yolks.

        It's my opinion that you should buy the absolute best eggs that you can afford, because there is so much nutrition to be had in a cage free egg.

        P.S. I'm a college student too, I feel your pain. Look for local, they're usually cheaper.


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          I've found that local farms (the kind where you leave the money in a coffee can and take the eggs out of a cooler on the honors system) are often nearly as cheap as "conventional" grocery store eggs. Far cheaper than anything labeled Free Range, and you can see how "free range" the chickens actually are for yourself. Hope you can find some such places, I have at least a half dozen such sources, and I live in a pretty suburban area.
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            Not to hijack the thread or anything, but just a quick question on the same topic... I basically just acquired 18 eggs for free which I'm pretty sure are conventional. Are they bad enough that I should trash them and go buy my own? Eggs are pretty much the only PUFA I consume in a day, so it's not like I'm piling them on top of endless nuts and vegetable oil...


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              you got 18 eggs for free. eat em. put em in a cheesecake, make a custard, fry em, poach em, scramble em, mash em boil em stick em in a stew

              fuh-ree eggs
              yeah you are

              Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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                Originally posted by bloodorchid View Post
                you got 18 eggs for free. eat em. put em in a cheesecake, make a custard, fry em, poach em, scramble em, mash em boil em stick em in a stew

                fuh-ree eggs
                Especially considering free range eggs cost $4 per half-dozen where I live... I'm glad I have your blessing.


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                  You could also cook them in coconut oil to offset some of the PUFA.
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