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How should a Type 1 diabetic gain weight?

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  • How should a Type 1 diabetic gain weight?

    I started following Primal diet three weeks back and felt better. Discovered Mark's link to Dr. Bernetsein's Diabetic Solution, which made the eating regime (only three times a day, no snacks) & diet ever tougher (no fruits, avoid dairy) but resulted in much better sugar levels than I have had in past 6 years.

    My problem is - being underweight. I ought to be at 140 lb. When I started the diet I was at 128 lb. After three weeks I am now at 123 lb. So yeah...I am losing weight continuously :-(

    I am trying to eat more fat, more proteins than I normally do; stick to low slow-acting carbs and high fat + proteins. But what - do I need to eat much more to gain weight?

    Here's another challenge for me being Type 1 courtesy the recommendation by Bernstein, which has improved my sugar levels:
    Meals in a day: Three (avoid snacking)
    Carbs in a day: 30g (6-12-12)

    Eating more - proteins, would increase my insulin in-take, even if in low margins, and I wonder if that's the way to go.

    So...let me know what you guys think in regards to my limitations of no. of times that I can eat in a day and the carb level.


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    Greetings Anuj:

    If you don't already know, Dr. Bernstein has a forum which will help more than the advice you may get here on this specific question. Just register and you will have access within 2-4 days. They are friendly and helpful, and keep a tight rein on their forum. Here is the link: Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Forum - Login


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      Thanks, Terry.

      I was aware of the web site, had even visited it but didn't realize that there was a forum. So after reading your reply, I visit the link, try to register and lo and behold I get a message: you are banned :-(

      No idea how or why. Not even that they shall evaluate the info, which I believe would be the case and then take a call.

      I wonder if I should try again with another id.


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        Hi Anuj. When you attempted to register you provided your e-mail info? They will probably contact you. This happened to me, too. However, just to make sure you might drop a line to: Forum Moderator It wd. be great to know how you resolve your weight-gain difficulty. Best wishes.


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          Are you doing your LHT's? (lifting heavy things)
          muscle will pack on good weight and you'd need to eat a surplus to help build it.
          --Trish (Bork)

          FOOD PORN BLOG!


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            Providing email was mandatory, which I did. So hope they contact me.

            I searched for their contact email id, which I couldn't find. So thanks a ton for providing me their email.

            Appreciate your help, Terry.


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              Originally posted by Dr. Bork Bork View Post
              Are you doing your LHT's? (lifting heavy things)
              muscle will pack on good weight and you'd need to eat a surplus to help build it.
              Yes, I have been regular with the exercise - lifting weights (even before I started this routine.) I do get the feeling that I am not consuming sufficient calories, since at times I feel the weakness; so I think that's what I need to do - eat more and as such increase more insulin intake or/and do more intensive exercise.