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  • Help! Please Critique my plan

    Hi - This is my 1st post...I've read the book and have the cookbooks and was hoping some of the more experience people could look over my plan and see if I have it right or if there are any suggestions. I"m a 42yo female looking to lose 5lbs and about 4% BF. I lost a bunch of weight following a bb type of 6 meals a day, shakes the works but was a miserable b-tch, was always hungry and had to spend hours preparing and schleping food everywhere...I was always hungry and whiteknuckling it to get through the day (tons of sf gum), hours in the gym, forward 6 months and I started having horrible bloating (6 months preg look), began gaining weight back, etc. and eventually self diagnosed (after many doctors failed) with an intolerance to poly and disacchiride sugars...started following SCD diet for a few weeks and bloating completely resolved...gradually switched over to a ketogenic type of diet and after a miserable 3 weeks or so became keto adapted and started feeling great...eventually stumbled on PB and am hoping to make this a lifestyle and shed the 5lbs and 4% bf I've gained back during all these issues....I've also been experimenting with IF in the hopes that it will help me get my calories/binging on fat under control...carbs don't tempt me but I could eat a 1/4lb of kerry gold in a sitting...have decided not to buy it anymore because it calls my name at night lol:

    3:50 am get up, have a shot of espresso, water

    4:25 am-5:30ish - workout...3x/wk weight lifting - upper body, lower body and a full body routine, 1 day of treadmill sprints (not safe to be outdoors at that hour here), 1 long weekend run in park, spin bike or elliptical on other (work)days at lower intensity

    7 am - green tea and decaf coffee black on way to work

    Somewhere between 12-2 - have meal 1 - 4 eggs scrambled in 1/2T kerry gold butter, 2 strips of uncured bacon, steamed asparagus or bag of steamfresh broc & cauliflower, (optional 4 oz of roasted chickbreast if still hungry)

    5-6 p.m. - Meal 2 - 8 oz of red meat (brisket, flank steak, fillet mignon, or steak - from trader joes), spinach and mushrooms sauteed in 1T of olive oil and sea salt, 1/2 avocado, (once or twice a week will swap meat for Salmon)

    hard boiled eggs whites (don't fear yokes just don't like them hb) if still hungry or need something before bed

    9 p.m. - bed

    What do you all think? I've been having a problem with overeating at night, esp. butter - just love I figured with IF I can stack more calories at end of day to give me that feeling of satiety...I may try and use coconut oil as well to cook veggies...

    Thanks for any help or suggestions (once I reach my bf goal, I will probably add macadamia nuts, cheese or home fermented yogurt made with 1/2 and 1/2 and fermented 24 hours to get all the lactose out but for now, I'm going to try and drop them to see if it can get me past this 3 month plateau